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“And what comes along with that? Eating disorders”: Kate Winslet Will Not Allow Her Daughter Mia Threapleton to Use Social Media

Kate Winslet Will Not Allow Her Daughter Mia Threapleton to Use Social Media

Kate Winslet is immensely popular, there is no doubt about that. The actor has made her name by appearing in James Cameron’s Titanic and several other iconic movies. With time, she became one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

But sometimes fame draws certain unwanted attention, Winslet has also realized its effects on her personal life. She has been pretty vocal about the negative impact of the internet and social media. Further, the Oscar-winning actor was nervous about her kids Googling her someday.

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No Social Media for Kate Winslet’s Children

Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet never had a good impression of social media. In her early career, the actor found herself amidst social media criticism about her figure. It was tough on the Titanic actor as it took quite a while to bounce back regaining confidence. Winslet’s personal experience has given her the lesson as social media trauma can be pretty devastating for young people and it feeds mostly negativity and insecurities.

“Because all they ever do is design themselves for people to like them. And what comes along with that? Eating disorders,” the Titanic once told The Sunday Times. 

Further, the actor also thought that there is nothing much to gain from these platforms as most things can be rubbish for somebody. 

“You can’t have it because I want you to enjoy your life. I want you to be a child. I want you to look up at the clouds and not photograph them and post them on your Instagram page and decide whether or not the clouds were worth looking at because someone else thought that they were rubbish,” she revealed on BBC Woman’s Hour.

Winslet’s version of parenting is quite different from other celebrities. She wanted her children to be grounded, not superficially driven by the age of social media and its trends.

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The Actress Was Nervous About Her Daughter Googling Her

Kate Winslet and her daughter Mia Threapleton in I Am Ruth.
Kate Winslet and her daughter Mia Threapleton in I Am Ruth. Source: Channel 4

Winslet has been in the headlines on many occasions over the years. The 47-year-old actor has been a big name in the industry for a long time, which made her the subject of celebrity gossip in the tabloids. Although the actor has been cautious about her children accessing gossip about her, Winslet is pretty nervous about her kids Googling her someday.

“I am nervous about the day that Mia can google [my name]. That’s the reason I am so careful not to talk about the question that people always ask of me: ‘So what actually happened between you and Sam?’ That explanation will never come out of my mouth. Never,” Winslet once told Glamour.

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Winslet further revealed that she wanted to keep everything real for her kids. When they follow a story about their mother, the Titanic actor wants her kids to hear it straight from her mouth, clearing unnecessary doubts.

“Right, because when my children want to know what actually happened, I want to be the first person they have that conversation with. I don’t want them to read something and believe it, when it probably isn’t true anyway,” she added.

Being one of the most famous celebrities, Winslet’s stature is not always great. Earlier, the actor revealed that the paparazzi are the worst part, always trying to invade the personal life of the actor, especially when she is with her kids. 

“When I’m on my own, I really don’t care. But paparazzi with my kids? That bothers me. I mean, my son isn’t aware of them yet, but my daughter’s aware. And she just hides behind my back. She goes ‘Uh-oh! Paparazzi to the right. Quick!’ So we sort of try to turn it into an ‘us versus them’ game. But I don’t know how healthy that is either,” Winslet told Good Housekeeping.

Further, the actor revealed that she does not always like being a celebrity as it is not real.

Winslet will appear in James Cameron’s Avatar 3 as Ronal. The third installment of the Avatar franchise is slated to release on 20 December 2024.

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