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Andor Season 2 Showrunner Has Even Ceased All “Non-Writing Duties” As Show Of Solidarity With Writers Strike 2023

Andor Season 2 Showrunner Has Even Ceased All "Non-Writing Duties" As Show Of Solidarity With Writers Strike 2023

Hollywood is in a frenzy and numerous major studios in hot water due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Owing to the strike against the AMPTP- Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, Andor Showrunner Tony Gilroy is facing the heat of WGA for continuing non-writing duties on the sets of Season 2.

Tony Gilroy at Andor Launch Event
Tony Gilroy at Andor Launch Event

A prequel to the Star Wars story, Andor has been earning cheer from many. With season 2 in the works, Gilroy had been carrying out non-writing duties such as casting and music-related activities being a producer for the show. However, it was recently revealed that he has ceased to perform all such activities as well.

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Andor Season 2 Showrunner Backs Writers’ Strike

Andor Showrunner Tony Gilroy backs WGA strike
Andor Showrunner Tony Gilroy backs WGA strike

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Tony faced the fury of certain members of the Writers Guild of America after it was reported that the Andor showrunner had completed scripts for season 2 of the series and was involved in non-writing services on the set of the show. However, in talks with the Hollywood Reporter, Tony Gilroy shut all the criticism by exclaiming he had stopped performing all his Andor-related activities and had not been on the sets since the beginning of the WGA strike.

“I discontinued all writing and writing-related work on Andor prior to midnight, May 1. After being briefed on the Saturday showrunner meeting, I informed Chris Keyser at the WGA on Sunday morning that I would also be ceasing all non-writing producing functions.” 

It was a fellow writer, Abdullah Saeed who took to Instagram to point out how Gilroy had been doing an injustice to the WGA. The WGA strike is aimed at providing writers with better remuneration, job security, and so on. Amid all this reports of Gilroy being present on the set of Andor Season 2 came as an offense to the whole movement. However, Saeed later updated and posted thanking Gilroy for ceasing all activities.

“Wow. Thank you Tony Gilroy for halting production on [Andor]. See you on the picket line!”

Hence, Gilroy put his critics to rest further clarifying that non-writing services are prohibited for the Guild members during the ongoing WGA strike.


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Andor Season 2 in Production

Andor Season 2 to release in 2024
Andor Season 2 to release in 2024

A prequel series to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor has been much liked by critics and fans, especially due to its sophisticated and mature extension of the popular Star Wars story. Tony Gilroy, the writer-creator, showrunner as well as executive producer seems to have hit it big seeing the show’s growing popularity among the Star Wars fans.

Andor Season 2 is set to premiere in August 2024. You can stream Andor Season 1 on Disney+.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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