Andor Season 2 Won’t Repeat the Same Mistake Pedro Pascal’s The Mandalorian Did, Confirms Show Creator

Andor season 2 is currently in the works and the fans naturally have hefty expectations from the Star Wars series. The Disney+ series embarked intending to trace Cassian Andor’s journey, where he came from, and how he joined the Rebellion until Rogue One set into motion. The series was originally planned to be a two-season project and the makers are sticking to the plan thus making the upcoming season of Andor, it’s last one.

While the first season hardly covered a year or so chronologically in Cassian’s life, the second season is supposed to cover four years which is a rather ambitious and tricky task, one which the makers are hopefully up to.

Andor creator Tony Gilroy is confident about handling the time gaps in Season 2

Tony Gilroy at Andor Launch Event
Tony Gilroy at Andor Launch Event

The second season of Andor will have 12 episodes that are supposed to cover a chronological period of four years. While this sounds like a magnanimous feat, one that can and has been messed up in other Star Wars shows, the show’s creator Tony Gilroy has assured that those mistakes won’t be repeated this time.

The 66-year-old American filmmaker was recently in conversation with Entertainment Weekly’Star Wars podcast Dagobah Dispatch where he opened up about the daunting task of managing four years within a time frame of 12 episodes. He said,

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“We’re going to use negative space in storytelling. The trick is to make it worth it.”

Tony Gilroy and Andor's Diego Luna
Tony Gilroy and Andor’s Diego Luna

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Following the first season pattern, the second season will be divided into three-episode arcs, and most of it would be left for the audience to figure out themselves without any “spoonfeeding”. Gilroy said,

“They’re almost like needle drops; what are the most important three, four, five days a year later that tell you everything you need to know? And how do you tell it without doing the Jacobean ‘Well, I haven’t seen you since…’ and without doing anything of the awkward exposition?”

Sounds like the man knows what he is doing.

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The anticipation is high for the second season of Andor

Tony Gilroy’s 2022 series Andor

Some of the latest Star Wars projects have had trouble with handling time gaps, thus confusing the audience more than once. The third season of The Mandalorian is a prime example which started 2 years after the events of Season 2 but this detail was neither specified nor indicated to the audience. Andor has the onus on it for avoiding the same mistakes that The Mandalorian made by ignoring the time gaps.

The 2022 Star Wars series was a masterpiece, even hailed by several fans as the best series in the classic franchises. And now the anticipation around the second season is naturally sky-high and the season itself has a lot to live up to. And Gilroy seems confident about having sorted out the time gap issue. Although that’s not the only problem in the making currently as there is a writer’s strike currently underway, the fans are obviously waiting with baited breaths.

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