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Andrew Garfield Refused Jimmy Kimmel’s Terms When He Was Singled Out To Troll Will Smith at the Oscars: “That’s why he’s the best Peter Parker”

Andrew Garfield Refused Jimmy Kimmel's Terms When He Was Singled Out To Troll Will Smith at the Oscars: "That's why he's the best Peter Parker"

Andrew Garfield already turned heads during the 95th Academy Awards as Florence Pugh and he walked on stage as a presenter. However, he had a bigger role to play in the award ceremony than the aforementioned. Jimmy Kimmel was the host of this year’s Oscars and it can easily be said that he did an incredible job at hosting the ceremony.

Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh
Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh during the Oscars

He prepared extensively for his monologue and made sure that the events of the previous Oscars were not repeated or overmentioned. He wrote his monologue and took the help of his wife to perfect it even more. The efforts that Kimmel put into his jokes were highly reliant on the audience being in their exact seats. However, during live shows, things don’t always go according to plan.

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Andrew Garfield Refused To Connect With His Inner Spider-Man For The Oscars

A lot of changes were made to Jimmy Kimmel‘s monologue right before the Oscars were going to start. Jimmy Kimmel’s wife and the executive producer of his show, Molly McNearney confirmed that a lot of the jokes he wrote were situation dependant. Especially with Rihanna being in her seat. However, by the time Kimmel made it onto the stage, she was not in her seat. As a precaution, two sets of scripts were prepared, and much to their luck, they could use the latter.

Andrew Garfield

“I went up to Michelle, Michael, Pedro, Andrew, Steven Spielberg, and we told them minutes before the show started, ‘you’re going to be on camera, Jimmy’s going to refer to you as part of his security team. If you could just show some kind of physical support or give him a fist bump.'”

Amongst these last-minute announcements was that of Andrew Garfield being told that he would be part of Kimmel’s jokes. McNearney confirmed that Andrew Garfield was among many celebrities who would be called out and focused on to be Kimmel’s security team. He and the others were asked to do any form of gesture that would confirm the statement when the camera panned onto them. Garfield was specifically asked to do a web-slinging action, but he chose otherwise. Instead, he did something else which proved to be even better.

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Jimmy Kimmel Chose Against Adding Any Slap Jokes

One of the most, if not the most prominent event from last year’s Academy Awards had been Will Smith’s infamous slap. McNearney added that there had been a lot of jokes regarding the slap and more. However, they had all been removed with respect to Chris Rock and how it was more his position to speak on the topic than anyone else.

Will smith slap
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock during Oscars 2022

“I think we’re all still in a bit of shock of how that went down and how after watching that violence everyone had to then sit through an acceptance speech.”

Kimmel didn’t want to make the ceremony about last year’s events and instead wanted to continue on a positive note for a function everyone had been looking forward to.

Fans Appreciate Andrew Garfield For Not Acting Like Spider-Man During The Oscars

Change is necessary and Andrew Garfield understood that. When he refused to do the web-slinging action like that of his iconic character, he stood for doing something else that worked just as beautifully. This gave fans more of a reason to appreciate and love him.

They have been calling him the best Spider-Man among all the other variants. They are also admiring his dedication to the task assigned and the respect he has for his character.

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Source: Variety

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