“Like he might be really Spider-Man”: Andrew Garfield Became The Truly Friendly Neighborhood Spidey By Saving Jimmy Kimmel From a Flying Spear During the Emmys 2022

Andrew Garfield Became The Truly Friendly Neighborhood Spidey By Saving Jimmy Kimmel From a Flying Spear During the Emmys 2022
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With great power, comes great responsibility — and who else to best abide by such an archetypal statement if not for The Amazing Spider-Man alum Andrew Garfield? The 2022 Emmys marked a night of celebrations and moments of emotional gravity, with shows like The Succession and Ted Lasso winning big, actors and actresses like Lee Jung-jae, Zendaya, Matthew Macfadyen, and Amanda Seyfried taking home acclaims to their names, and many fans left feeling distraught with their favorite shows not getting the limelight they rightfully deserve.

Andrew Garfield is Jimmy Kimmel's savior
Jimmy Kimmel’s savior – Andrew Garfield

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While the entire event was an amalgamation of show-stopping moments, one such element, that, unfortunately, went amiss in the eyes of the camera, was Andrew Garfield, with his top-notch Spider-Man-esque reflexes, becoming Jimmy Kimmel’s knight in shining armor. In his show’s opening monologue, Kimmel detailed the moment and the way it unfolded.

Needless to say, Garfield’s Spider-Man instincts saved the day.


The Spear Incident

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Jimmy Kimmel talks about the Emmys ‘Spear Incident’

At the start of the 2022 Emmys, there was a “big dance number” where, as remarked by Kimmel, “dancers came out and danced.” The catch was that the whole endeavor was centered around famous Television theme songs.

The late-night show host, whose illustrious, tinseled Emmys table consisted of Amanda Seyfried and her husband, Chris O’Donnell, and his daughter, Jeremy Allen White, and Andrew Garfield, and his friends, was seated next to the stage.

The moment Andrew Garfield became a real-life superhero jimmy kimmel
The moment Andrew Garfield became a real-life superhero

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Kimmel remembers it in the following manner:


“So, the dancing starts, and the dancers are dancing around us to the theme songs of Friends and The Brady Bunch and whatnot and then Game of Thrones — these dancers come out with spears and they’re banging the spears around and about halfway through the dance, the tip of one of the spears comes flying off the handle straight at us — at our table.” 

What happened next astounded the eminent comedian and television host, leaving him practically dumbfounded. Out of nowhere, Andrew Garfield had come to the rescue of Jimmy Kimmel.

Andrew Garfield Comes To The Rescue

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Jimmy Kimmel and Andrew Garfield posing with the spear-tip

Continuing his tale, Kimmel explained, “Out of nowhere — and I swear to God this happened — Andrew Garfield lunges forward and snatches it [the spear] out of the air.” Furthermore, the host elaborated on how the heroic act resembled a real-life Spider-Man. “He might be really Spider-Man,” said the renowned producer.


To accentuate the depth of the seemingly hilarious yet bewildering situation, the show host explained how the tick, tick…BOOM! actor acted just the way the notable Marvel superhero would if he were in an undercover situation.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3, Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield, the real-life Spider-Man

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Exaggerating for comedic effect, Kimmel said:

“His shirt came open, my wife almost had to be resuscitated. It was incredible!” 

The host then proceeded to express his heartiest gratitude to Garfield, who was nominated for the Emmy category, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie. “With great power, comes great reflexes,” the host noted, as an ultimate conclusion to the segment.


The beloved actor seems to have captured the hearts of many —  if he wasn’t already renowned for that with the YouTube comments under Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy recap hailing him as the best Spider-Man.

Grant Gustin is being compared to Andrew Garfield.
What’s next for Andrew Garfield in the MCU?

When it comes to the man who embodied one of the most enjoyable iterations of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, the masses have constantly wondered whether the fan-favorite actor would return to reprise his role in the grand scheme of MCU’s future. While last seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, recent rumors and reports are hinting at how Garfield may come back for Avengers: Secret Wars.


Furthermore, such reports have detailed how the acclaimed actor may have signed up with Marvel on a contractual basis, allowing him to feature in other upcoming MCU projects. Whether such speculative assumptions are true or not cannot be ascertained as of yet.

What remains evident is the audience’s love and admiration for Andrew Garfield, which keeps growing with time. It will soon be seen whether or not Marvel Studios would be foolish enough to pass off the golden opportunity to incorporate the actor in future endeavors.


Avengers: Secret Wars is slated for a November 7, 2025 release.

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