Animal Crossing Lego is Coming!

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Animal Crossing is one of the most well know and relaxing game franchises on the planet as players are able to create a village with numerous human-like animals as the player is able to create friendships, decorate a village and create their characters with stylish clothes and outfits. Over the years, Animal Crossing has teamed up with numerous companies to sell merch, such as T-shirts, and Build-A-Bear of their favourite characters, Isabelle and Tom Nook, and there is some information that reports a potential Lego collaboration.


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What will be included in these Animal Crossing Lego Sets, and how big are they?

Animal Crossing Lego Is Coming

So far, from what we have been told by a VGC report which is what tells us these sets are on the way, we are also told how much each set is going to be and how many pieces are in each set. Below is a list of how many sets we are going to see according to these reports and how much each set is going to cost, and how many pieces will be contained in each set.

  • Set 1: $14.99 170 pieces
  • Set 2: $19.99 164 pieces
  • Set 3: $29.99 233 pieces
  • Set 4: $39.99 389 pieces
  • Set 5: $74.99 535 pieces

These are the five sets of Lego Animal Crossing that are reported to be available hopefully sometime in March 2024, which is their current aim for the release. These sets may not be very expensive, but these sets are a lot smaller than regular sets and will most likely contain smaller pieces in general and for those wondering about the character figures it is reported that the animal characters won’t have Human styled heads and will have their special moulds.

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What will be the setting for these Lego sets?

Animal Crossing Lego Is Coming

So far, we do not know what will be included in the sets themselves, but we can only assume that they will be connected to the most recent Animal Crossing game, which is Animal Crossing New Horizons. So far, we can assume that, most likely, there will be an Isabelle and Tom Nook Lego set, but past that, we cannot be sure what may arrive in these Lego sets, but we can give it a guess.


If we look towards Animal Crossing New Horizons, we can take a few guesses as to what might be coming in these Lego sets, which can be a Lego version of Blather’s Museum, The town hall, which is the central location Isabelle and Tom Nook can be found in, Nooks Cranny which is where we can find Tom Nooks kids Timmy and Tommy and could even at a stretch host an entire island for Lego fans to design, but that is unlikely.

What do you think about this information? Are you looking forward to playing with a Lego Animal Crossing set? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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