9 Great Animal Movies About Their Friendship With Humans


There are plenty of movies to enjoy that are based on friendships and romantic stories amongst human beings. But sometimes the filmmakers take things a notch higher and envision beautiful bonds between humans and animals. It’s amusing how these animal-human friendships emulate more warmth than human bonds. When it comes to Hollywood, the sky’s the limit. So, instead of sticking to the conventional “man’s best friend, dog”, it has imagined friendships with squirrels, Theodore Rex, panda, orangutan, and more. So, let’s dive into this world of 9 great animal movies that are about their friendship with humans. 

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Turner & Hooch

90AD28C9 1F2C 4ED7 ACC9 89AEA39D4068This light-hearted film featuring an unlikely pair had swept the audience with its charm. Turner & Hooch was about a cop, played by Tom Hanks, who had to reluctantly team up with the only witness of a crime scene, a dog. Watching the uptight cop gradually softening and building a bond with the adorable French Mastiff gave the audience a great laugh. It became a box office hit and inspired the current Disney+ series with the same name. 


Theodore Rex

C62B08E5 F40C 47A0 994B F6DD3451F102Not everyone’s favourite, Theodore Rex made it to the list for its unconventional imagination. It takes place in an alternate reality where humans and dinosaurs coexist. Whoopi Goldberg starred in the movie as a cop who was paired with Theodore Rex to stop a man from causing ice age. 

The Amazing Panda Adventure

D36F34DE EE50 4394 A182 5BB9F4325846Moving away from the cliche animal buddies, this film features the exotic and cutest animal, panda. The film revolves around a 10-year old brave boy who makes it his mission to safely move the panda to a reserve before nefarious poachers get hold of them.


Flora & Ulysses

894CB0C9 AFD1 44A4 8226 F9B96C4A576AA family-friendly superhero spin, specially made for the young audience who are not ready for Thanos’ plans. Flora and Ulysses feature a young girl who is fond of comic books. One day she comes across a squirrel who possesses superpowers. Together, the two help Flora’s friends and family and also fight an animal control officer.

Dunston Checks In

39EF31C8 D7E7 4F42 A796 B7AD8CB43616This adorable story depicts the friendship between a hotel manager’s son and an orangutan. The two team up against the orangutan’s wicked owner who unfairly uses him to steal jewellery. Turn off your worries and dive into this fun adventure of the young boy and his buddy.


Larger Than Life

9B6CF794 CE07 40A0 AEB1 216B064941D0Larger Than Life took a different route than other films which usually pair up humans and dogs or other smaller animals. In this light-hearted comedy, we got Bill Murray, a motivational speaker in the film, who inherited an elephant from his father. The comedy of the story relies on Bill’s struggles to discreetly move one of nature’s biggest animals across borders. It’s literally not easy to avoid the elephant in the room! 

White Fang

1AD8891D 17EE 4657 92F0 40F96B469E55After the success of Dead Poets Society, Ethan Hawke starred in White Fang that was inspired by Jack London’s book. It’s based on a young man who embarks on a dangerous journey to fulfil his father’s wish to find gold in Yukon. On his way, Ethan’s character runs into a wolfdog and the two gradually develop a bond. 



7872303B EC96 4655 A6A3 B34BB401E5C8K-9 is another silly buddy cop movie that hit the screen the same year as Turner & Hooch. A cop pairing up with a sniffing dog to catch a Drug lord turned out to be great entertainment for the audience. Despite lacking a sensible plot, it scored great box office returns for its light-hearted moments.

Top Dog

F005915A 420F 49E8 B516 1280681A8D78After the success of Turner & Hooch, martial artist and actor Chuck Norris got inspired to star in Top Dog. The plot depicted his character joining forces with a dog to stop a terrorist attack. Though a story about man and dog, the film was bold with daring action scenes and despicable villains.


Written by Ipshita Barua