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12 Reasons Annihilus May Be The Next Big Bad of Marvel’s Phase 4

The MCU needs a change. The era of Thanos is over. Annihilus – the next big-bad of Marvel needs to fill in some really big shoes. We believe the MCU has already hinted at Annihilus if you read between the lines. Here’s why we think so.

Who is Annihilus

An inter-galactic warlord from another dimension that seeks to destroy everything he deems unworthy.

Ties To The Fantastic Four

The Negative Zone plays a huge role in Fantastic Four adventures. Maybe they will help introduce Annihilus when they come to the MCU.

Marvel is Going Cosmic

With a push towards the final frontier, Annihilus makes a lot more sense as a villain.

The Nova Corps

The Nova Corps’ Home world was one of the first to be destroyed by the Annihilation wave.

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Kree and Skrull – Two Critical Components of Annihilation

In a rare instance, both warring races joined forces to defeat Annihilus. Their help was instrumental in the fight.

Marvel’s Hunger For High Stakes Team Up

Endgame and Infinity War has proven the team up formula works like a charm. Annihilus’ entry into the  MCU could signal a similar build up.

Only Annihilus Packs a Punch Similar To Thanos’

Hungry for blood and a quest to achieve the impossible — they share too many similar traits.

Nick Fury’s Disney+ Show

The biggest hint is SWORD. Their inclusion brings in even more confidence to our assumptions.

A Chance To De-Clutter

One complain we had for Infinity War and Endgame was that it had too many superheroes and too little screen-time. If Annihilus and the Annihilation wave come in, that could change.

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New Characters’ Introduction

Just hinting them will no longer do!! We need these three in the MCU right freaking now!!!!

Could Work Without Thanos

No Thanos? NO Problem!! It worked before. Marvel could make it work again.

Multiverse of Madness Could Be the Key

Multiverse Of Madness could literally pave the way for Annihilus to come into the MCU.