Another 10 Guest Characters We Want in Mortal Kombat

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For this list, we are doing a follow up to our previous article 10 Guest Characters We Want in Mortal Kombat. We will be delving into other franchises and properties that would fit in easily to battle against the kombatants of the Nether Realm. If character such as Freddy Kruger, Predator, The Joker and even Rambo can make it onto the Mortal Kombat roster then we would like to submit this list for Ed Boon to see and possibly take our picks for consideration. If there are anyone you feel like we might have missed, take a look at our previous article to see our thoughts on how Pennywise, John Wick and Universal Monsters would measure up against Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Liu Kang. Even after this list, if you feel like there are some other great ideas for fighters, let us know in the comments. Keep in mind we try to pick characters we feel would fit the realm of Mortal Kombat, fighters that we know are not afraid to get a little bloody.





Slade Wilson is considered on the deadliest assassins in the DC Universe, even going as far as matching his skill set with Batman. However, he steps up to DC’s Hero with enhanced strength and speed to add onto his already impressive marital arts. If that isn’t enough to convince you, Deathstroke comes equipped with an incredible arsenal of weapons for any occasion. From his assault rifles and pistols to his staff and swords, Slade Wilson easily makes for a fighter worthy to take on the Mortal Kombat roster. Not to mention the character made an appearance previously in Injustice: Gods Among Us, meaning the transition creators could make would be simple to include in the next video game installment. Since we didn’t get the chance to see him return in Injustice 2, this would also be a fun opportunity to explore some of the many costumes of Deathstroke in the editing section of gaming. From his original suit featured in the comic book pages of Teen Titans The Judas Contract, to his appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins, Wilson has plenty to offer when it comes to style.


The Mask


From the pages of Dark Horse Comics, The Mask and his alter ego Stanley Ipkiss made their first appearance in 1989 Mayhem #1, but it wasn’t until 1994 when Jim Carrey portrayed the green faced character that really made The Mask a household name. For those who might not know the story of this character, Stanley Ipkiss comes across a supernatural mask that grants it wearer with incredible abilities. With the abilities of a god and able to alter reality, there are no limits to what the Netherrealm creators could create within their video game universe. Basically imagine another character with abilities similar to Shang Tsung (minus the soul sucking) but with the personality of the Joker. A character like the Mask gives you everything they would need to bring this crazed character to life. Not to mention the various looks and designs that could be adapted from the comic books or film. Perhaps they could even get Jim Carrey come do some voice over work.




The Main Man from the depths of Space, hell bent on capturing the Man of Steel. Lobo’s story would fit in perfectly with the Mortal Kombat universe, as the DC Universe is taken over by Netherrealm he could return to Earth for another bounty for him to collect and find things have changed. Accidently running into some of the kombatants during his trip. Lobo had previously appeared in Injustice: Gods Among Us as a guest character, but his style and personality would fit right onto the roster. Equipped with a double barrel shot gun and chain with a hook attached at the end of it, plus Lobo’s inability to be killed is the perfect package to put up against the fighters. If Scorpion likes to throw around a chain with a sharp blade on the end of it, well why couldn’t this Czarnian give Hanzo a little challenge.


The Comedian


Another DC character but from another side of the DC Universe, from Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen. While Rorschach, Nite Owl or Silk Specter would also be logical picks for the roster, we figured this no nonsense gun wielding mercenary would be the best pick as a guest character. His story would also fit into the realm, especially if they chose to follow storylines from the comics. As it is revealed The Comedian didn’t pass away in Watchmen, but was instead saved by Dr. Manhattan and sent to the DC Universe, as revealed in Doomsday Clock. Maybe we could see him transfer over to the Netherrealm? While he might not come with a lot to offer as far as equipment, he still has quite the arsenal and brute force that could be formidable against the fighters. Even if he doesn’t have a lot to offer, he would still be such a fun addition to the game and his personality would be perfect for interesting dialogue against the other fighters.




While the T-X from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine and REV-9 from Terminator: Dark Fate are both pretty awesome Terminators, we feel like the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day would be the best pick for Mortal Kombat. Especially since we already got the T-800 to appear in Mortal Kombat 11, we would love to see more characters from that world on the roster. But Robert Patrick’s intimidating glare and incredible liquid metal abilities, the possibilities are endless to what the creators could do with this character. Transforming all kinds of weapons to use in battle, but perhaps even elevate the possibilities he has to gunfire. Much of the gameplay mechanics could even be taken straight from the Terminator’s controls in MK11. Include little to no dialogue from the films, or add new ones that reference back to the other films. Even take the mechanics of Shang Tsung’s transformation ability and apply it to the T-1000, giving him the ability to change into the many other fighters.




The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were already featured in Injustice 2, let’s keep that trend going by bringing in their villain Shredder into the mix. He basically already looks like some of the ninjas on the roster already, it would be simple to integrate a design for Shredder in a Mortal Kombat game. His martial arts fighting is already an easy way of including Shredder into the game, but we all know what makes the character stand out… the blades. Armed to the teeth with large blades and shining armor, not only would the blades come in handy during combat, but during his x-ray attack and fatalities. However, we would love for him to come with a variety of blades, rather than just the ones on his arms. Give him some different variations that resemble Kung Lao or the way Sub-Zero uses his ice blades. With him being a villain, he could perform some of the most gut wrenching fatalities.


Conan The Barbarian


First appearing in Weird Tales of December 1932, Conan The Barbarian was created by Robert E. Howard. However, his popularity grew when he was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1982 film. Later a remake was made and starred Jason Mamoa as the new Conan in 2011. While many might think Conan is a man of sheer brute force, especially with his sword. There is actually a lot more to the character than what some might think. He’s also a trained commander, tactician, and strategist which could make for some intriguing gameplay. Perhaps similar to the way Rambo feels in Mortal Kombat 11. And with all the variations of Conan over the years, we could get designed related to the comic books and move onto the iterations from the films. We would love to get a Schwarzenegger and Mamoa look for this character in the game.


Omni-Man or Homelander


I decided to pair these two together, due to their similar sadistic personalities and abilities. While Omni-Man is from Invincible, Homelander hails from The Boys. But either way, they are both crazed super powered god like beings. In all honesty, we could have even thrown Superman into this mix, but he’s a boy scout and probably wouldn’t suit the grotesque nature of Mortal Kombat. However, Omni-Man and Homelander are no strangers to brutally ripping others in half. In essence, we would love to see a super human being similar to the Man of Steel be playable with Mortal Kombat’s rules. Excessive x-ray moves, over the top fatalities and an impressive set of special moves. How cool would it be to see Omni-Man hold Raiden in front of an oncoming train or Homelander laser through his opponent’s eyes? There are so many things that could be done with either of these gods, so let’s unchain them and allow players the full power of these two. It would make for some incredible gameplay.


Any Suicide Squad Member


Worst. Heroes. Ever. The Suicide Squad are still such a popular and likeable group of villains, any of them really could fit on the roster. Harley Quinn could smash some heads with her giant hammer or bat. Deadshot could expertly remove some limbs with his arsenal. King Shark would be fun to watch eat fighter’s whole. El Diablo can burn opponents to a crisp. Netherrealm Studios could take any of these iconic DC Comics characters and make them into ruthless killers to wreak havoc on the Mortal Kombat Universe. Considering many of them have already made appearances in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2, it would be an easy transition to get them in much more violent game.


Any of the Dark Nights


Our last pick are the evil versions of Batman, the Dark Nights. First introduced in DC Comic’s event Dark Nights: Metal in 2017, they have made a place for their name to be among the DC Universe. The Merciless, imagine Bruce Wayne avenging the death of Wonder Woman by killing Ares and putting on his helmet. The Devastator, Bruce Wayne creates a formula which turns him into Doomsday. The Dawnbreaker, a Bruce Wayne who twisted the will of a Green Lantern Ring. All of these Dark Nights are formidable opponents, worthy to face off against Netherrealm. But the deadliest of all would be their leader, the Batman Who Laughs. A twisted monster of Batman and the Joker. Although The Batman Who Laughs did make an appearance as a costume for Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat 11. He still could manage to be one of the most over powered fighters in any game. Imagine if we could get both DC and Netherrealm come together to face off against the Dark Nights, that’s the game I want.


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