Another Major Loss for Xbox as Halo’s Unannounced Game has Reportedly Been Canceled

The reason for the cancelation is not known.


  • The Halo Battle Royale title is allegedly canceled after being years in development.
  • The game was codenamed Project Tatanka and was under development at Certain Affinity.
  • The Battle Royale title was never officially revealed by Microsoft or 343 Industries.
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Xbox might have another loss on its hands as the long-rumored and unannounced Halo Battle Royale title is reportedly been canceled after several years in development. There have been several rumors about a new game in the franchise ever since Halo Infinite was launched in 2021.


After the launch of Halo Infinite in 2021, 343 Industries allegedly wanted to use it as a live-service platform but it might have dropped the idea. However, the now-reported canceled Battle Royale game was rumored to be in development but neither 343i nor Microsoft ever commented on it.

Xbox Insider Alleges Unannounced Halo Game Is Shelved

The unannounced Halo Battle Royale title for Xbox is reportedly canceled.
The unannounced Halo Battle Royale title for Xbox is reportedly canceled.

The report comes from Xbox insider Shpeshal Nick during the XboxEra Podcast that the Halo Battle Royale game, codenamed Project Tatanka is now reportedly canceled. The game was in development at the support studio, Certain Affinity. The co-host of the Podcast _Sikamikanico and YouTuber ColtEastwood also stated that they have heard the same about the unannounced title.


The game was not surely known to be a battle royale but it was rumored to be a battle royale game mode for Halo Infinite before it was decided to be developed as a stand-alone title. A battle royale mode for the game was heavily requested by the players and the game has received several new features since its release the community was expecting the mode sometime but that will seemingly not happen anymore.

The alleged Battle Royale game was also rumored to be several other things such as a campaign expansion, a campaign or multiplayer-only game, and that it was being developed using Unreal Engine 5. Regardless of what the alleged Halo title was, players wouldn’t get to know about it now.

According to previous reports about the game, the game in development since the Spring of 2020. However, the first reliable information about the game came from Certain Affinity president and COO Paul Sams back in 2022 when he revealed that the studio is working on something unannounced and is doing lead development on the project.


Sams had stated that it was something new to the franchise and is one of the largest projects that the studio has in the pipeline with over 100 developers working on it. Certain Affinity also revealed that same year that it is “deepening” its relationship with 343 Industries and is entrusted to evolve Halo Infinite in “new and exciting ways.” However, nothing has been heard about the game since then.

The game was in development at Certain Affinity but was never confirmed to be a Battle Royale.
The game was in development at Certain Affinity but was never confirmed to be a Battle Royale.

Another report surfaced in January last year stating that Project Tatanka, initially being developed as a battle royale might be going in different directions, seemingly hinting that it might be facing issues in development and is now reportedly canceled. The reason for the cancellation is not known and it might not be since the game was never officially announced by Microsoft or 343 Industries.

While this is disappointing news for the fans who have been waiting to hear about the game, there are reports that 343 Industries is already working on a new Halo project. Therefore, there is a new game in the pipeline that is currently at some stage of development.


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