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“Another show that’ll get canceled”: Netflix Shares One Piece Live-Action First Poster After Miserably Failing With Cowboy Bebop


Netflix has come under public scrutiny for its Binge Model which is described by the Co-CEO as “We cancel shows that are produced using a large budget that speaks to Minority audience”. Fans were disappointed with this and some believed that shows should be given some time before they are canceled or removed from the streaming service. Many felt that weekly releases would be more appropriate for Epic shows whereas Rom-coms and Sitcoms should continue the binge model.

When it comes to Live-action Anime, most people refuse to even engage in conversation. After multiple failed attempts of other production houses to produce a decent Live-action manga, Netflix dipped its toes to test the water. To no one’s surprise, it failed miserably.

Fans troll Netflix after it announces One Piece Live-Action

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The live-action One Piece adaptation will be a Netflix original series based on the manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The East Blue arc, in which Luffy starts his voyage as a pirate, will be adapted for the first season. One Piece live-official action’s Twitter account has now shared a visual teaser for the upcoming series. It shows Iaki Godoy, the star of the program, as Monkey D. Luffy striking the signature Straw Hats Pirates pose. The Netflix adaptation’s debut date is 2023, as stated in the graphic teaser.

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After the poster and visual teaser were released, fans took to Twitter to share their opinions on it. They are not quite hopeful about the show especially because it’s being done by Netflix. There is a high possibility, fans feel, that Netflix will cancel the show even before audiences can decide whether it is worth it or not. Some are already sold on the fact that Netflix will fail at the adaptation as it did with Death Note and Cowboy Bebop. 

Netflix has constantly failed at Live action adaptation of Anime

netflix cowboy bebop live action adaptation trailer john
Netflix Cowboy Bebop-live action adaptation

Fan reaction might seem harsh but in reality, it is a genuine concern. Netflix has failed to adapt popular Anime into Live-action twice! It tried really hard to do right by Cowboy Bebop, by bringing the Manga creator, Shinichiro Watanabe on board as a consultant. Yoko Kanno, who composed the track for the show was also hired to create music for the new program. Netflix, however, canceled the live-action series after just one season, despite the fact that it extensively parodied the original anime in its execution and garnered a sizable audience in the first week.

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Cowboy Bebop

From the first week, there was a subsequent decline in viewership. The fact that it is an adaptation of an extremely popular anime series from the 1990s contributed to some of it. Expectations are high, and both Hollywood and Netflix have an infamous track record of shoddy anime adaptations. Of course, there were also issues with the show’s production and writing.

An adaptation is not required to be a perfect match to the original work. Death Note is actually a narrative that lends itself to a wide range of protagonists and locations. Hell, the original source material has already done that. There have already been multiple live-action Death Note adaptations. There are many sequels and retellings of this series as well. However, the Netflix Death Note determined that this IS Light for some reason that is unclear, although a mayo-washed reduction of the real Light.

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Death Note and Cowboy Bebop live-action are streaming on Netflix.

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