“Another slave movie for Oscar bait?”: Will Smith’s Emancipation Movie Gets Trashed For Reviving the Same Slavery Genre, Fans Claim Smith Trying Too Hard to Get Back Favor

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Just recently, Will Smith’s new movie, Emancipation, got its first screening on October 1, in Washington, D.C. The film belongs to a historical genre with elements of thrill and action as well. However, fans don’t seem to be reacting all too positively to the actor’s upcoming film.

Will Smith
Will Smith’s Emancipation doesn’t gain fans’ support

While some have expressed their dissent, others are mocking Will Smith for doing too much. There are a few who are somewhat excited about the film, but most of the fans are lining up Twitter with their sharp disapproval.

Will Smith’s Emancipation attracts negative views post-screening

Directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Will Smith and Ben Foster, Emancipation narrates the story of a slave who manages to escape the shackles of oppression and forges a way for his freedom. The movie’s first screening took place just a few days back in Washington, D.C. But it looks like the audience is least excited about it.


Ever since Will Smith’s Oscar fiasco with Chris Rock, things have been a little rocky for the former, with him issuing formal apologies and trying to earn his position back after the incident. And now with the latest project the 54-year-old actor has undertaken, fans claim that it is yet another attempt to restore his previously sullied reputation.

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Will Smith wins Best Actor Oscar for King Richard the night of the Oscars slap
Will Smith wins Best Actor Oscar for King Richard the night of the Oscars slap

People believe that the Suicide Squad star is desperately trying to flatter his peers and fans after the Oscar incident that made a lot of people change their views about the actor.


Fans bash Will Smith on Twitter for “trying too hard”

There are of course some fans who are happy with Will Smith working on this new film, but the majority of people are either displeased by it or they’re making a good laugh out of it. Either way, it’s not looking too well for The Fresh Prince.

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From being disinterested to straight-up passing derisive comments about it, fans are having all sorts of reactions towards Smith’s Emancipation.


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People seem to be tired of the repetitive nature of the genre Smith’s new film is based on, and that particular reaction seems to be the most common out of all.


Fans also seem to be annoyed as they point it out to be a mere tactic of Smith to win his audience back after the Oscar incident that happened in March.


With such strong reactions inciting from fans just after the movie’s first screening, before it has even been released, the film’s future looks uncertain. But there are still people rooting for Will Smith and maybe, he won’t let his fans down after all.

Emancipation is set to release in 2023.

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