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Ant-Man 3 Star Evangeline Lilly isn’t Surprised Jeremy Renner Ended Up in the Hospital: ‘Not surprised he was hurt helping someone in the snow’

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While helping his neighbor in plowing snow, Jeremy Renner endured a life-threatening accident that left his fans and family in a state of despair, as the Arrival actor had to go through two surgeries for sustaining blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries along with some serious damage on one of his legs that may leave the actor crippled for the rest of his life according to reports by Radar Online.

After the incident, fans from all around the globe and celebrities shared their well-wishes and support for the actor in these unfortunate times including his Marvel Co-star Evangeline Lilly, who plays the role of Wasp in the Ant-man franchise, recently shared a sweet photo of the two with a heartfelt message and well-wishes for the Hawkeye actor.

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Evangeline Lilly and Jeremy Renner
Evangeline Lilly and Jeremy Renner

Ant-man star Evangeline Lilly shares a heartfelt message for Jeremy Renner

After enduring a deadly snowplow accident near his ranch in Northern Nevada, Jeremy Renner has been undergoing medical treatment for over a week and the actor has been showered with abundant love and support from his fans and many big celebs including Ant-man star Evangeline Lily.

Evangeline Lilly who plays Hope Pym in the MCU has shared a heartfelt message for her Marvel Co-star through her Instagram. The actress described the Hawkeye actor as the most grounded and humble person she has come around in the industry since their work together in The Hurt Locker and isn’t surprised that the actor injured himself while helping his neighbor as Renner has never shied away from offering help to others. She expressed her love and support for the actor through the caption,

“Jeremy has always been one of the most grounded and real people I ever met in Hollywood, from the first time we worked together on #thehurtlocker I recognized his full-hearted, blue-collar goodness. A beautiful man who I adore. I send you my most honest well wishes, Jeremy. You are so strong,”

Jeremy Renner has previously shared his gratitude to all his fans and his medical staff for their constant support in these adverse times and has kept an optimistic mindset in this difficult situation.

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Jeremy Renner from Hospital bed
Jeremy Renner from Hospital bed

Jeremy Renner uplifts fans with his fighting spirit

Even after the gruesome accident that can leave the actor crippled for the rest of his life according to reports by Radar Online, the actor hasn’t let the cynical thoughts get the better of him and has kept on holding his cheerfulness amidst all circumstances.

The actor has been very transparent about his situation through his social media handles, as he shared a photo of him after the surgery, showing his gratitude to the fans along with another Instagram story, thanking his medical team and a Twitter post of him having a spa in his hospital bed with a caption, “not no great” ICU DAY, turned into an amazing spa day with my sis and mama. Thank you sooooo much.” The actor also hasn’t shied away from promoting his new TV show Mayors of Kingstown season 2.

The actor’s enthusiasm for his new show and his uplifting aura amid the traumatic situation has left fans confident about the actor’s recovery and has them excited for his new show which is streaming now on Paramount+.

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Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown.
Jeremy Renner from Mayor of Kingstown.

From fans to his co-stars, everyone is wishing for the actor’s speedy recovery, and his fans are inspired by Jeremy Renner’s fighting spirit and are excited about the two-time academy-award-nominated actor’s new TV show.

Mayors of Kingstown season 2 is now streaming on Paramount+.

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