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Ant-Man 3 Star Michael Douglas Teases New Info

All the fans of the massive tiny guy get ready. There may be some news coming up about the third ‘Ant-Man’ movie, according to Michael Douglas.

Pym on Live

Douglas played the hot-head, Hank Pym, in both the Ant-Man movies. He recently attended a Q&A session on Instagram. During that live session, he was asked by one of the fans if he knows anything about the upcoming threequel. The star remained tight-lipped, but he did tease the fans that it won’t be long before some new information is officially released on the film.

Douglas refused to reveal any official information, whispering, “I can’t talk about it, because the Marvel guys, they’ll shoot me with a blowgun.” He added, “But I think you gotta hang tight, because there may be some information coming out pretty soon.”

Nothing is clear about the movie

If true, this can be the foremost official information about the movie. Previously, Douglas himself revealed the information about the upcoming movie. He told ComicBook that they were beginning a third Ant-Man movie on first of January 2021.

                            'Ant-Man' 3: Michael Douglas teases new information about movie, says it's 'coming soon'
Michael Douglas portrayed Hank Pym in Ant-Man franchise

But now with the change in the slate of Marvel releases, thanks to Coronavirus, it’s uncertain when ‘Ant-Man’ 3 will begin production. Also, the film has not been included on the slate of upcoming Marvel movies. So there is no clear launch date and the title of the movie.


Paul Rudd will reprise his role as Scott Lang, and Peyton Reed is set to return as the film’s director. Evangeline Lilly (Hope) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Janet van Dyne) may reappear in their roles.

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) | Release Date, Cast, & Poster
Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly in Ant-Man and the Wasp

The film will explore the depths of the quantum realm, according to the director.

Scott Lang Meets His Daughter Cassie Lang - Avengers Endgame - HD ...
Cassie Lang with Scott in Avengers Endgame

There have also been rumours that the film will be the beginning of the superhero career of Cassie Lang. In the comics, Cassie, aka Stinger, gains the natural ability to change her size by ingesting the Pym particles.

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