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‘Ant-Man 3’ Will Begin Filming in 2021, Peyton Reed Returning to Direct

According to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, Peyton Reed will be returning to helm a sequel to last year’s Ant-Man and the Wasp and 2015’s Ant-Man. Additionally, they unveiled that the film will begin filming after Thor: Love & Thunder and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 2021… aiming for a 2022 release.

What can we expect from Ant-Man 3?

The first Ant-Man film introduced Scott Lang whilst the second focused more on Evangeline Lilly’s character – Hope Pym.

The second film also delved further into the Quantum Realm which Avengers: Endgame expanded upon.

In an interview with, Peyton said, “I think that was the case in the first movie, particularly when Adam McKay and Paul were reworking the script. In that movie, we added the Quantum Realm and Janet and stuff like knowing that if we were able to make a sequel that could be fertile ground.”

There are definitely things in this movie that, if we’re fortunate enough to make another one, there’s a lot to play with. We spend more time in the Quantum Realm in this movie, obviously, than the first movie but it feels like we’re just dipping our toes into it.

Peyton Reed

Based on Reed’s interview, Ant-Man 3 will likely have a much stronger focus on all-things Quantum.

What is Phase 5’s line-up?

Whilst Kevin Feige has outlined Phase 4, Marvel Studios are still unveiling Phase 5.

So far, the only other announced film is Black Panther II but there are a slew of Disney+ shows in the line-up. In 2022, there’s She-Hulk, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel.

Kevin Feige has yet to say where Blade, Captain Marvel 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Fantastic Four will fit in.

What do you want to see from Ant-Man 3? What other films are you excited for? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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