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Anthony Mackie Confirms Marvel Is Officially Replacing Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers With a New Member: “Chris is going out to pasture. He’s an old man now”

Anthony Mackie Confirms Marvel Is Officially Replacing Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers With a New Member: "Chris is going out to pasture. He’s an old man now"

Anthony Mackie has been in the MCU franchise for a very long time portraying the role of the Falcon, alongside Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Mackie’s Sam Wilson first appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and became a very close friend and teammate to Steve Rogers.

It was later that he was passed on the mantle to continue the legacy after the departure of Chris Evans’ Captain America from the MCU. Recently, some shocking news has been released regarding the upcoming Captain America movie, Captain America: New World Order, where the Falcon actor revealed that a new Captain America could be predicted for the film.

Anthony Mackie in Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Anthony Mackie in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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Anthony Mackie’s Comment on Chris Evans’ Captain America

Anthony Mackie has been alongside Chris Evans since his first movie together with him, back in 2014, and has been his closest aid all this time, up till Steve Rogers’ final movie, Avengers: Endgame. At the end of the movie, the mantle of being the righteous one was passed onto him by Steve Rogers instead of giving it to his best buddy – Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier. It shows how much respect he has earned in the eyes of Rogers to trust him with the symbol and the legacy.

In a podcast with Josh Horowitz, Happy Sad Confused, Anthony Mackie revealed many interesting facts about some upcoming movies and series of phases 5 and 6, as he will be starring in 2 of those installments before the big pictures arrive, Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars. When he was asked the question if people would see Sebastian Stan reprise his role as Bucky Barnes, Mackie did not deny the fact though it was in a roundabout manner, he said,

“I don’t know, we’re going to be shooting at the same time”. 

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson
Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson

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According to the upcoming timeline, this sentence of him makes sense that both of the actors will reprise their roles in Marvel Studio’s upcoming movie from Phase 5, Thunderbolts. Anthony Mackie also emphasized the fact that a new Captain America might be introduced instead of Mackie staying as Captain America. He said that the movie will,

“Replace Chris with a new member of the trio. Chris is going out to the pasture. He’s an old man now”. 

Now, this is a very bold statement taking into account that the MCU is especially known for keeping these things secret until the final moments. Still many are excited about the new Cap while many reject the idea of destroying Chris Evans’ toil in making Steve Rogers and someone coming over and taking up his role.

Captain America: New World Order – A New Order for MCU

A fourth Captain America film was rumored for a very long time when Evans was still in the franchise, but alas it was finally announced after Chris Evans’ Captain America was no more in the MCU. The fourth installment of the Captain America movie was announced at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2022, and the movie will be released in 2024. Preparations for the movie will begin within a month or so, which will introduce Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres, who is rumored to take up the mantle of Falcon. Though it is just speculation for now, if true, the legendary trio would have a new member.

The Legendary Trio: Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Chris Evans
The Legendary Trio: Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, and Chris Evans

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The way MCU is heading after the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, it is not looking very good for Marvel Studios as the movie was rated as one of the worst of all the MCU movies out there. Although any plot details or rumors have not been leaked regarding New World Order, fans are expecting a major comeback from Marvel Studio’s side as fans were utterly disappointed with the spearhead of Phase 5.

Captain America: New World Order will be in theatres on May 3, 2024.

Source: Josh Horowitz Happy Sad Confused Podcast | Youtube

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