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Anthony Mackie Starring in Captain America 4: Reports Confirmed!

Disney+ Tv series will surely see Sam Wilson fly solo as Captain America. Earlier this year, the studio called Malcolm Spellman, the showrunner of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to work on the fourth installment of Captain America. The fourth Captain America will focus on Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). And with the recent news, it is confirmed that the work on this movie has begun.

Deadline reported that Anthony Mackie has signed the contract to reprise Sam Wilson in Captain America 4. The movie is still in the developmental stages. The studio will finalize all the other details including finding a director to take over the project. Currently, Spellman is writing the screenplay in association with Dalan Musson who was also the writer on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Captain America 4 In Development From Falcon and the Winter Soldier Showrunner






The Avengers: Endgame saw Steve Rogers giving his shield to Sam Wilson. This certainly made it clear that Sam Wilson will eventually take over as Captain America. The Disney+ Tv series solidified this possibility. The series saw Sam Wilson conflicted about using the shield. He also wondered what it will look like as a Black man. The series was completely based on Sam Wilson exploring this aspect. Eventually, he fully accepts the shield and takes over as Captain America.

Sam Wilson struggled to accept the shield. ‘Why?’ Anthony Mackie was asked. The actor had a lot to say. Mackie said that Sam got into being a superhero and saving the world because of Steve Rogers. And taking over the shield and becoming Captain America meant Steve Rogers isn’t with him anymore. This took the whole fun out of it. Also, Sam was conflicted about becoming Captain America as a Black man. He saw the symbol of 500 years of slavery, downtrodden and persecuted. It was difficult for Sam to come to grips with reality.

Although, there have been reports that Chris Evans’ Captain America will come back to MCU but not in Captain America 4. This movie will be Sam’s solo movie with no role for Steve Rogers.

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Written by Aditi Thosar