“Any chance to reprise that role would be great”: Tom Felton is Ready to Play Draco Malfoy Again – Will Harry Potter Reboot Bring Him Back?

Tom Felton says he will be back in a heartbeat if another opportunity to be in the Harry Potter franchise arises

Tom Felton is Ready to Play Draco Malloy Again - Will Harry Potter Reboot Bring Him Back?


  • Tom Felton is ready to be back in the wizarding world.
  • The actor thinks the old cast would jump at the chance to do another project.
  • Warner Bros. Harry Potter reboot is already in the works under HBO Max.
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When Warner Bros joined hands with JK Rowling to turn her extraordinary stories into cinematic spectacles, audiences were awestruck by the way the movies turned out. Offering nostalgia and remarkable moments, the Harry Potter movies not only became a fan favorite but also got cherished by actors like Tom Felton and the Golden Trio.

Tom Felton
Tom Felton

The Harry Potter movies became such an integral part of Tom Felton’s life, that the actor mentioned during an interview with DailyMail, that he’d love to reprise his role. Alongside his co-stars, Felton expressed his affection for the franchise so much, that a buzz originated in social media surrounding his return in the Harry Potter reboot. 

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Tom Felton is Ready to Reprise His Draco Malfoy Role

Cherishing his time alongside the veteran cast and his young colleagues in the Harry Potter movies spanning a decade, Tom Felton seemed interested in reprising his role as Draco Malfoy, once again. Looking back at the memorable moments from the saga, Felton expressed his eagerness in returning to the franchise, during an exclusive interview with DailyMail

Yeah, I’m endlessly proud and affectionate of young Draco, so any chance to reprise that role would be great.” 

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy
Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies

Willing to jump at the opportunity to return as Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton expressed his affection for the character and the franchise as a whole. During the interview, alongside his co-stars, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and Daniel Radcliffe, the actor even joked about an idea of how each one of them should come back to the franchise. 

Tom Felton
Felton expressed his desire to reprise his role as Draco Malfoy

I think we should come back and do the opposite, Rupert [Grint] should play Draco, I’ll play Hermione, Dan can play Dobby, and Emma can be Hagrid, it’s the perfect re-casting! It’ll be an interesting spin [on it]. But, seriously, if there was another chance to be in another movie then I’m sure all of us would jump at the chance to be part of it.” 

Felton’s eagerness to return was certainly unbound, and therefore, his willingness made fans wonder if Warner Bros might bring back the actor, as they are currently preparing for the Harry Potter reboot. 


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Will Tom Felton Return in The Harry Potter Reboot? 

Right now a brand new take on the Harry Potter franchise is imminent, as HBO is working on the TV series. Planning to explore the magical story written by JK Rowling in detail, the studio is preparing a long-run series that will have enough time to touch upon the important elements that the movies couldn’t. 

HBO Harry Potter TV series
HBO is preparing a Harry Potter TV series

This brings us to the casting for the show which hints at how several actors from the original movies could feasibly return in the TV series. Although the child stars won’t be able to return to their old characters, they might come back as adults and appear in different roles. But among the ongoing speculations regarding the cast, Tom Felton’s possible return is making a notable buzz on social media. 

There is a buzz surrounding Felton taking up Jason Isaacs’ role of Lucius Malfoy
There is a buzz surrounding Felton taking up Jason Isaacs’ role of Lucius Malfoy

According to Screenrant, it is believed that although Tom Felton is too old to return as Draco Malfoy, he can certainly return to the rebooted series as Lucius Malfoy. Playing the role of his onscreen father, originally portrayed by Jason Isaacs, Felton will even have a familiar blonde hair face to take up the mantle. And upgrading him to patriarch would be undoubtedly a thrilling experience.

But as of now, there has been no confirmation surrounding Tom Felton playing the role of Lucius Malfoy in the upcoming Harry Potter TV series. 

Watch the Harry Potter movies on Max. 


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