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Apple May Release Console To Compete With PS5 and Xbox Series X

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Although fans are eagerly awaiting their chance to pre-order their choice of next gen console, it might be worth holding out for a while. Console gamers have typically only ever had to make a decision between Sony’s updated PlayStation or Microsoft’s latest Xbox, but things might be set to change. Apple has now entered the game.

Yes, that Apple.


KFC joked about launching their own console, the KFConsole, but that was done in jest. With Apple, it looks like things could be serious.

If rumours are to be believed, Apple look set to release an ARM (Advanced RISC (reduced instruction set computing – yes, that’s an acronym within an acronym) Machine) based gaming console.

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The A series silicon would be used to compete with the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, both of which are aiming for a Christmas release.

Twitter use, Mauri QHD has tweeted the rumour suggesting that Apple are working on their own ARM based console. A console such as this would actually go hand in hand with the Apple TV 6. The TV 6 is powered with an in house A12X Bionic chip, alongside a cooling system.

Halo Originally Released on the Mac

It’s not even the first foray into gaming Apple has had. The hit series Halo actually started out as a Mac exclusive. However, Microsoft bought the developer and launched Xbox off the back of Halo’s success.

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Recently, Apple have also jumped onto the streaming wagon. Alongside Netflix and Amazon, Apple TV+ produces some of the best quality original content.

A step into the gaming world probably isn’t too far away for them.

Source: Mauri QHD

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