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Aquaman Bizarre Supervillain Makes a Comeback

Aquaman Bizarre Supervillain Makes a Comeback

Spoiler Alert: Aquaman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 spoilers ahead!

Unlike other Justice League superheroes, Aquaman has a few foes. But the ones that do fight him are quite strange. And one of those strange and crazy supervillains is making a comeback in the latest Aquaman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 that is on sale at DC comics.






No, it’s not Black Manta or Ocean Master, instead, it is Aquabeast. The story begins with Aquaman, Mera, and Garth enjoying a nice hangout at the beach. This supervillain arrives to fight him after defeating Garth. Aquabeast has always been consumed by his love for Mera and undying hatred for Aquaman.

When Aquaman finds Aquabeast, their relaxing beach outing turns into a powerful fight in the short story “It’s Family Affair”. Written by Shawn Aldridge, Tom Derenick, Nick Filardi, and Rob Leigh — in the pages of Aquaman 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1.

Aquaman and Aquabeast fight






Doom Patrol’s co-creator Bob Haney and Nick Cary introduced Aquabeast as Peter Dudley. He is a wealthy playboy who saw Mera and fell in love with her during his outing at the sea. Dudley hires Doctor Hans Ludorff to improve his physical features and make them like Aquaman. He goes a step further to get aquatic abilities and enhance their power.

However, after a brief fight, an alien attacks Aquabeast. They both succumb in the depths of the ocean in a whirlpool never to be seen again for years.

Although, the latest issue reveals that it took all his physical strength to crawl out of the whirlpool. However, it seems like he regains all his physical strength and gives a tough fight to the superhero team leading to his defeat once again. The superhero team throws him back into the whirlpool again. Although, Aquaman and Mera think that he might return in a few years.

But Mera’s befitting punch should give Aquabeast a hint that she never wants to see him again!


Written by Aditi Thosar