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“Aquaman outsold every single Johnny Depp movie”: Heard Fans Trolled For Ridiculous Claim That Amber Heard is More Successful, Fully Forgetting Depp’s Hollywood Fortune is $156M More Than Hers

Aquaman Johnny Depp

Every once in a while, the supporting factions of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp come out of their momentary hibernation to battle it out over a Twitter thread or social media posts. While the defamation trial itself has receded into the background and taken its subjects along with it, the crowd has done anything but. In the aftermath of the June 1 verdict, the debatable question now being posed is about the actors’ net worth in Hollywood, both as an artist and financially.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

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Amber Heard Fans’ Aquaman Claim Attracts Online Hate

While the DC Extended Universe film, Aquaman, was a stellar success, the crowd’s reception of Amber Heard‘s role in the film as Princess Mera was negative. Her acting was critically dissected after Aquaman‘s theatrical release. Additionally, following the publicly televised defamation trial drama against her former husband, Johnny Depp, the sudden global fame that she received after the DC stint went downhill after the verdict found her guilty on multiple charges of defamation.

Amber Heard portrays Mera in Aquaman

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As a consequence, Amber Heard had been asked by the jury to pay $10.35 million damages to Johnny Depp which dealt a substantial blow to her net worth. Heard, moreover, did not have any future projects lined up to pay for the court-declared charges, and eventually reports surfaced about the actress filing for bankruptcy. Recently, however, fans look back at the retrospective career high of the London Fields actress and claim that Aquaman single-handedly earned more at the box office than any one of Johnny Depp’s films. This has obviously instigated and riled up those among the public waiting to swoop in on behalf of Depp and defend his now extinct Hollywood reputation.

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Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp Drama Continues Since June

The two actors who have been heatedly involved in a war of smearing each other’s reputations since 2018 have still not given up on their endeavors. It began with the Washington Post op-ed article where Amber Heard claimed to be a survivor of domestic abuse. Even though no names were mentioned, the allegation brought down the carefully curated career of Johnny Depp like a precariously placed house of cards.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard appeals the June 1 defamation trial verdict

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The eventual libel case filed by Depp against The Sun and the Fairfax defamation trial were each monumental in their own right, with one finding Depp guilty of being an abuser, and the other more public trial declaring Heard defamed her former spouse. At present, the public awaits the beginning of the second round of the trial which begins as a result of Heard’s appeal to the court regarding the June 1 verdict. Whether that will redeem her reputation or add more fuel to the fire is yet to be seen.

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