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‘Are they renaming it to YEESH because no one will buy them’: Fans Troll Kanye West as Adidas Decides To Rebrand Yeezy Shoes, Sell Them Against His Will

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Kanye West, also known as “Ye”, has been a hot topic of discussion in recent times. He lost a lot of business collaborations over the past few days due to his antisemitic views openly presented on the Internet. A big blow came over all this as West’s long-time collaborator, the German brand Adidas, severed ties with him. Now according to recent updates, Adidas will continue the production of its Yeezy product line even after their split with the rapper.

Former couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Kanye West with former wife Kim Kardashian

From repeatedly losing various business partnerships to the suspension of social media accounts, Kanye West was subjected to humongous criticism from all around over the past few days. Now this move by Adidas fuelled the fire more as the fans leave no chance to troll the Grammy-winning songwriter.

Kanye West and Adidas’ dramatic end to partnership

Kanye West FandomWire
Kanye West and Adidas’ long 9-year bond comes to an end

The 45-year-old American songwriter and rapper started his long-term partnership with the German brand Adidas in 2013. After 9 years of collaboration, the two parts ways as Adidas severed ties with Ye in October this year. This was due to his antisemitic views presented on various Internet platforms which caused massive social outrage.

Yeezy is a range of sneakers and clothing made after the historic partnership of the brand with Kanye West. Even having a long relationship, both parties have often shared bitter moments due to various reasons. In June this year, The College Dropout creator accused the German brand of copying his designs and promoting a “Yeezy day” without prior permission from him. Following that he stated in September that he would not continue the relationship with Adidas after his contract ends in 2026.

But co-incidentally, Ye didn’t have to wait long to part ways after the company put their partnership with him under review and it eventually got terminated on October 25. This was a big blow as on various occasions West claimed that he can say “antisemitic sh*ts and Adidas can’t drop him”. 

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Adidas will continue the production of Yeezy products


After the fans’ wide demand to Adidas to terminate their ties with the Jesus is King rapper, the company recently announced that they are going to rebrand the popular Yeezy products. According to a recent quarterly earnings call, the company made it clear that it owns all the designs and is going to continue the production of the Yeezys even after terminating its ties with Ye.

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The CFO of the company Harm Ohlmeyer in an interview session said:

“Adidas is the sole owner of all design rights registered to existing product. We intend to make use of these rights as early as 2023.”

This controversial end will also change the money dynamics a lot for the two sides. As reported by Forbes, Kanye West’s net worth has fallen from $2 billion to $400 million following the termination. On the other hand, Adidas is expecting its revenue to be lower than the projection by $502 million.

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But the ones who didn’t lose anything are the fans. The fans didn’t spare Ye and took over Twitter to present their views on the whole scenario.

The fans don’t spare Ye

The ongoing situation right now between Ye and Adidas has given the fans a lot to talk about.

This time, Ye has really taken a major hit upon him as, besides Adidas, tons of other companies also severed their ties with the Bound 2 singer. These other brands include names such as Balenciaga, the Gap, Vogue, and Foot Locker.

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