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‘Are we finally getting a Nightwing movie?’: Barbarian Director Zach Cregger Claims He’s Ready To ‘Drop Everything’ For Secret DC Project Set in Gotham City

DC fans expecting Zack Cregger to work on the Nightwing movie.

Since the release of his latest film Barbarian director Zach Cregger has expressed his wish to work on a DC project. The American actor stepped into filmmaking with The Whitest Kids U’Know and has made his directorial debut with the 2022 film Barbarian. The horror film ended up being a great commercial and critical success and fans are curious about his future plans as director. Although the director has expressed his desire to work on a Batman spin-off, the studio has not said anything about this so far.

Zach Cregger with Georgina Campbell and Justin Long.
Zach Cregger with Georgina Campbell and Justin Long.

The actor-director has said that he wants to meet DC Studios’ CEO, James Gunn to discuss his story. Cregger has said that he has been working on the script, that takes place in the DC universe. Following his statement, fans have started discussing which character would be suitable to be introduced by the Barbarian director.

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Zach Cregger Wrote a Script That Takes Place in Gotham City

Talking about his future plans with directing, Zach Cregger shared that he is not planning to do a sequel for Barbarian. However, he said that he is working on an original horror currently. The director also shared that he is looking forward to exploring more genres as he has already worked on a script that takes place in Gotham City.

There is a script I wrote before Barbarian. It takes place in Gotham City,” Zach Cregger said. He further stated that working on that script is his favorite thing. However, he then shared that he has not talked to anyone in Warner Bros. or DC about it. But he hopes one day he gets the opportunity.

Screenshot 2022 11 10 135748
Zach Cregger

The Guy with Kids star then shared that it would be amazing to work on the script if he gets the opportunity. DC Studios has not said anything about Zach Cregger working on any future movie. But fans have started discussing what movie would be the best for Cregger’s directorial debut in DC.

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DC Fans Asking If They Would Finally Get a Nightwing Movie?

DC has been planning a Nightwing movie for a long time. The studio first announced the movie in 2017. The movie was planned to serve as an origin story for Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing. Chris McKay was announced as the director of the film.

Warner Bros. also revealed that the script of the movie is complete. However, the studio did not provide any further updates about the movie. In June 2021, director Chris McKay shared that the movie can still happen but the studio wants to focus on other major projects.

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“They’d had things that they needed to do, and I think that they found their way, with their recent successes, and the stuff that they are planning on doing now,” McKay shared.

Warner Bros has not canceled the film officially. As the movie is still one of the upcoming movies under the DC extended universe, fans are asking when they would see the DC superhero in action.

DC's Nightwing
DC’s Nightwing

Zack Cregger has revealed that he worked on a script that is based in Gotham city. However, he has still not revealed the character that the story follows. Now the Wrecked star has become a ray of hope for DC fans, who expect that he would be working on a Nightwing movie.

Neither Chris McKay nor Warner Bros have said anything about leaving or canceling the Nightwing movie. So, fans can expect to see the movie in the future.

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