‘Are we going after Marvel? The answer is no’: The Rock Debunks Rumors He Wants DCU To Compete With MCU, Hints Fans are Creating Impossible Marvel vs. DC Scenarios

The Rock Debunks Rumors He Wants DCU To Compete With MCU
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There have been various rumors flying around about how Dwayne Johnson and Warner Bros. are both trying to initiate some kind of grave conflict between DC and Marvel. And although the Black Adam star may have hinted towards the possibility of a crossover between the two superhero franchises, he recently clarified that neither he nor WB is keen on having their beloved DC Studios go to war with Marvel.

The Rock congratulates the team of Wakanda Forever.
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Sure, The Rock didn’t hold back when it came to promoting his superhero character of Black Adam as he very boldly kept claiming how no other superhero or villain could possibly defeat Adam Teth, be it the Man of Steel or the MCU’s Avengers. But the actor has never outright encouraged any deliberate dispute between DC and Marvel, and he recently addressed the same as the question about Marvel vs. DC popped up yet again.

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The Rock shoots down rumors of Marvel and DC going to war

Recently, when Dwayne Johnson appeared on iHeartRadio‘s official Youtube channel, he was asked whether the ever-increasing competition between DC and Marvel is an indication of an impending war concerning the two billion-dollar-worth franchises. However, the Red Notice star stated that the “new era” that is unfolding within DC Studios with James Gunn and Peter Safran now running the show, isn’t about thrashing Marvel or going to war with it in the least.

“I see and understand what you’re saying. And I’ve been asked that question a lot. Are we going after… When I talk about this is the new era in the DC Universe with Black Adam, are we going after Marvel? Is that what I mean by that? The answer is no. We’re not going to do that and there is no ‘war’ between DC and between MCU. that’s my opinion.” 

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The Rock FandomWire Black Adam
Black Adam star debunks the rumors about Marvel and DC being on the brink of war

The former professional wrestler believes that there isn’t any room for a quarrel between the two, because there “will always be one Marvel.” He even acknowledged the Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, and remarked how both entertainment companies are distinctive and unique in their own ways, leaving almost no reason for any bad blood.


“Kevin Feige, I love him. He’s a buddy and a lot of those guys, all of them, by the way, all those superheroes are all my friends and I’m very happy for them. But there’s only one Marvel. There’s only one Avengers. But also there’s only one DC.”

Johnson further pointed out, that with the utmost respect to the MCU, he doesn’t “want to be like Marvel” and is fully focused on representing DC. “I want us to be our own brand, our own identity, and we’re proud of that,” the San Andreas actor explained.

Dwayne Johnson talks about a healthy interaction between Marvel and DC

Consistent with his previous remarks about a possible Marvel and DC crossover, Johnson pointed out that he “would love one day for the two brands to converge,” given that’s what the fans want too.

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MCU Endgame M-She-U
The Rock sparks hope about a possible Marvel and DC crossover

“So the fans, to me, if they speak loudly enough because I’m all about listening to the fans with what we deliver, then we should work towards that. But… I think the key with brands converging the right way is to have the right people sitting at the table, having the right conversations.” 

And if Henry Cavill‘s return to the DCU as Superman is any proof, then the wishes of Johnson’s audience are always his commands.

Perhaps one fine day, this dream too shall come true.

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