‘Are We Supposed To Feel Sorry For Her?’: Johnny Depp Fans Blast Amber Heard After Legal Team Proves Targeted Online Hate Campaign Against Her During Defamation Trial


We are all very well aware of the mess that was the Depp-Heard defamation trial. It is safe to say that since the trial was public, everybody watched it, followed it, and made up some very strong and solid opinions about the situation.

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Amber Heard faced a lot of backlash for her, now proven to be misleading, accusations against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Trial
Amber Heard And Johnny Depp During The Public Trial

The public hearing proved to display bad publicity for Amber Heard, who then used this hatred against her in the media by Depp supporters to deem the trial ‘biased’.

Amber Heard’s Media Harassment By Depp Supporters

When the suspicious amount of media trolling against Amber Heard was officially investigated, it was found that a lot of Johnny Depp Supporters had contributed towards this deliberate harassment of the actor and her supporters.

Amber Heard And Johnny Depp
Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Before The Accusations

Amber Heard is reported (by The Wrap) to have hired an entire social media research group by the name of Bot Sentinal to look into the hatred she received in 2020. The revelations by the group included that there were at least 672 Twitter accounts that were meant to spread hate toward the Aquaman actress.

The hashtags primarily linked to these accounts and their activities included #AmberHeardIsAnAbuser and #AmberHeardIsALiar.


What Do Johnny Depp’s Fans Have To Say About Amber Heard Amidst The Defamation Trial?

Johnny Depp Supporters do not believe in holding back when it comes to shitting on Amber Heard, her lies, her career and even her friends.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

A lot of the supporters believed from the get go that Johnny Depp could never lay a hand on a woman let alone abuse her the way Amber Heard claimed.


Fans even engaged in several ‘Anti Amber Heard’ rallies in support of the Pirate Of The Caribbean star.

Amber Heard And Why She Feels That The Trial Was Unfair And Not Unbiased As It Should Be

Amber Heard has accused several people for her loss in the trial. From the jury to the media portrayal of the trial, Amber Heard didn’t leave a single name out of her defense against her proven loss.


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Amber Heard Abuse Picture
Amber Heard Submitted This To Prove Claims Of Life Threatening Abuse

“I don’t blame them,” Amber Heard explained. “I actually understand. He’s a beloved character and people feel they know him. He’s a fantastic actor. But even somebody who is sure I’m deserving of all this hate and vitriol, even if you think that I’m lying, you still couldn’t look me in the eye and tell me that you think on social media there’s been a fair representation,”


She even mentioned the death threats she received during and after the trial that also included mentions of her daughter.



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