“Are you a virgin?”: Drew Barrymore Creeping Oprah Out May be Karma for Oprah Openly Humiliating Michael Jackson

Following Drew Barrymore's inability to keep her hands to herself, it appeared that she seemingly made Oprah Winfrey uncomfortable following the actor's body language.

Drew Barrymore Creeping Oprah Out May be Karma for Oprah Openly Humiliating Michael Jackson


  • 2023 hasn't been kind to Drew Barrymore, as she found herself in multiple controversies.
  • In her recent interview, Barrymore did not let go of Oprah Winfrey's hand for the longest of time.
  • Despite her recent troubles, Oprah Winfrey too found herself in the same boat thirty years ago by asking Michael Jackson uncomfortable questions.
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2023 hasn’t been ideal for Drew Barrymore. Not long after being slammed by the internet following the actor’s decision to air her talk Show amidst the WGA strike, she has once again landed in hot water.


Oprah Winfrey, who initially rose to prominence following the success of Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Alice Walker’s acclaimed novel, The Color Purple, recently appeared on Barrymore’s show. Winfrey, who is one of the most popular American daytime hosts herself, tackled a lot of matters, including her upcoming musical adaptation of the film that pushed her to stardom. During the interview, things became a little eerie, which resulted in the E.T. Star once again finding herself in a controversy.

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Drew Barrymore in Grey Gardens
Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Had No Intentions of Letting Oprah Winfrey’s Hand Go

Drew Barrymore, who is known for often cozying up to her guests on the show, held Oprah Winfrey‘s hand tightly with no intentions of letting it go. The Scream Star appeared to continuously caress The Color Purple Star’s arm. When Winfrey praised Barrymore for starting her daytime talk show with no live audience during the pandemic, the E.T. Star asked the following,

“Something that I learned about you, because I didn’t know this detail, was that you would spend time with the audience outside of the show you were filming,” which the Oscar-nominated confirmed, saying the crowd interaction was “necessary”.

And it’s not hard to see why the matter has landed Barrymore in trouble, as netizens called out the actor for invading her guests’ private space as Winfrey seemed genuinely uncomfortable. However, the Blended Star isn’t alone in landing herself under media fire for making her guests uncomfortable. Around three decades ago, The Color Purple Star was also in the same boat.

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The Drew Barrymore Show
The Drew Barrymore Show

When Oprah Winfrey Made Michael Jackson Uncomfortable by Poking Into His S-X Life

Thirty years ago, Oprah Winfrey was joined by Michael Jackson in an hour-long television special back in February 1993, which is now quite infamous for Winfrey poking into Jackson’s s-x life. After going over a plethora of topics, including the King of Pop’s relationship with model Brooke Shields at the time, the Oscar-nominated Star couldn’t help herself but ask Jackson, “Are you a virgin?”. Jackson, reasonably stunned by the question, responded by stating,  “How could you ask me that question?!”. He further continued,

“It’s something that’s private. I mean, it shouldn’t be spoken about openly. You can call me old-fashioned if you want but, you know, it’s very personal.”

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Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson
Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson

Although both Oprah Winfrey and Drew Barrymore have not come forward to tackle the situation publically, following Winfrey’s body language, it’s not hard to see why fans chose to express distaste online.

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