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‘Are you delusional?’: Fans Defend Kate Moss As Amber Heard Calls Her a ‘Rando’ After Testifying

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Kate Moss had testified against Amber Heard at the recent high-profile Depp v Heard defamation trial. Although she was not physically present in court, she had provided a live video testimony in front of the jury where she was asked if the allegations against Johnny Depp pushing her down the stairs were true. She replied in the negative.

Kate Moss; Johnny Depp
Kate Moss; Johnny Depp

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The Depp v Heard trial has gained a lot of traction and momentum not only in the US but worldwide due to the celebrities involved, its highly publicized status, live media reporting, and the social media storm that every court appearance riled up. Even as the trial has ended and the verdict has been dealt with, the defense it seems is still caught up in the past.

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Amber Heard Calls Out Kate Moss

The Kate Moss testimony was highly integral to the Johnny Depp case. On May 5th, Amber Heard had brought up her name during her testimony. Heard said she feared for her sister’s life and safety as Depp chased after the latter on the stairs and her only reaction was to hit him because she remembered the Kate Moss staircase incident.

Kate Moss
Johnny Depp watches as Kate Moss gives her video testimony

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This allowed Kate Moss to be included as an impeachment witness in the trial as Amber Heard directly brought up an incident that until that point had only been a rumor. Kate Moss testified on record that Depp had never pushed her down any stairs. Heard later stated that the testimony still doesn’t change what she went through.

Now with the trial over, Heard has made a dig at the witnesses who were brought on the stand in the latter half of the defamation case. “Johnny’s later witnesses were what I like to call ‘rando’s”, she said.

Amber Heard Jury Verdict
Amber Heard leaves the courtroom after the jury verdict

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Public Reaction To Amber Heard’s Dig

The people have been outraged by the insult levied at the supermodel. Some have taken to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction at the fact that Heard is still being allowed the platform by news outlets to express her thoughts on the trial even after the verdict has been delivered.



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The Kate Moss testimony was allowed on the stand to rebut the statement already presented by Amber Heard. In legal terms, there are some cases when the rebuttal witnesses are called to discuss an issue that has come up during the course of the trial. Had Heard not brought up the Moss-staircase incident, there would have been no cause on the plaintiff’s part to call the latter on the stand to ask her directly regarding the incident.

This brings to light the fact that Kate Moss was not just a random witness but brought forth to testify for Depp because of Amber Heard’s own statements.

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