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“Arnold is a snake”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Snitching on His Friend Tom Platz During Mr Olympia Contest Outrages Fans

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been accused of betraying fellow bodybuilding bodybuilder Tom Platz

"Arnold is a snake": Arnold Schwarzenegger Snitching on His Friend Tom Platz During Mr Olympia Contest Outrages Fans


  • Platz had a successful career despite spinal back issues and had one of the best physiques in the business
  • In a YouTube video, Platz revealed that Schwarzenegger betrayed him by sharing a personal detail about a major injury he sustained during a workout
  • A judge got the information about the injury directly from Schwarzenegger and passed it to another judge, leading to Platz's defeat at the 1982 Olympia

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well-known figure in the world of bodybuilding, where power, muscle, and dedication is the key to success. However, the world-renowned bodybuilder has been accused of betraying another bodybuilding stalwart, Tom Platz, also known as The Quadfather.

7 Time Mr. Olympia Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger
7 Time Mr. Olympia Winner Arnold Schwarzenegger

Despite being grappled with spinal back issues since his birth, Tom Platz managed to become a formidable challenge for others, having one of the best physiques in the business. Platz made waves in the bodybuilding world by clinching several awards.

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How Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Betray Tom Platz

In a short YouTube video, Platz can be seen expressing remorse over sharing a personal detail with his then-rival Arnold Schwarzenegger, a decision that did not turn out well for Platz. This revelation sent shock waves through the fitness community, prompting them to reveal the sensitive secret that may have been the reason behind this betrayal.

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Tom Platz said (via YouTube):

“My bicep tore off the bone, I went to the doctor right away. I can’t use my bicep at all. Went to the 82 Olympia in London. I can hide it perfectly; nobody knew it happened but I made the mistake of telling someone. I told Arnold.” 

Tom Platz during his workout
Tom Platz during his workout

In the 1982 Olympia, Platz was ready to take the stage despite the major injury. However, after telling his secret to Schwarzenegger, a chain of unfortunate events unfolded for Platz. A judge got the information about the injury directly from Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was then passed to another judge. 

Tom Platz found himself in a position where his left bicep was examined by the judges. Despite the major setback, Platz managed to achieve highs in his career, leading him to win several titles, including Mr. Universe. However, it was his exceptional legs, especially his quads, that made him stand out from other bodybuilders.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fellow Bodybuilder Had Better Abs

In his book, Be Useful, Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about the different stages of his life and career, emphasizing his career as a bodybuilder. Discussing his arrival in the US, Schwarzenegger shared several stories of getting defeated by fellow bodybuilders who had better abs than him.

Franke Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Franke Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1968

The book talks about his first bodybuilding contest in Miami back in 1968, where the actor faced defeat due to the lack of muscle definition, reported Yahoo! News.

Schwarzenegger said (via Yahoo! News):

“The winner, a smaller guy named Frank Zane, was much more cut than I was. I was far too smooth. I’d missed a big thing.”

With his unending love for the sport, Schwarzenegger dedicated himself to toning his abdominal and calf muscles tirelessly. The actor relentlessly put his time into the most effective exercises to become one of the most popular names in the world of bodybuilding.

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