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Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn’t Like His Iconic Line in $521M James Cameron Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger Didn't Like His Iconic Line in $521M James Cameron Movie

Unexpected success is the best kind, especially with films, when no one expects the film to do well and it ends up being a genre-defining, path-breaking, commercial giant, well nothing like it. The Terminator was the film for action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger that made him famous, rich, and well-known after several other successful films. The bodybuilder and governor have had many disagreements with the director of the film, one of them were about an iconic line. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to deliver a particular dialogue 

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The Terminator

At the time James Cameron and Schwarzenegger had several disagreements about the film, one of them was about a line that the action hero found unimpressive. He recalled the time when he approached Cameron with the issue, 

“When I read the ‘I’ll be back’ line I said to Jim Cameron, I said, ‘To me, it sounds weird when I say I’ll be back. Then he says, ‘How would you say it?’ And I said, ‘I will be back.’ And he says, ‘No, I think it sounds better, ‘I’ll be back.’”

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave up his pursuits to get the line changed and decided to listen to his director, no, not really. He like any committed actor went on to fight, Schwarzenegger brought it up quite often. 

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James Cameron rebuked Arnold Schwarzenegger on set 

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James Cameron

The matter did not close there as the Commando star continued to bring the matter up, he tried to argue his way in and convince Cameron. The Avatar director stood his ground and rebuked Schwarzenegger, 

“I said, ‘But it’s more machine-like if you say, ‘I will be back,’” Schwarzenegger continued. “He said, ‘Look, I don’t correct your acting, don’t correct my writing, ok?’ And that was it.”

He continues, 

“And so he says, ‘Look we just say it 10 times in a row. We just say it, and say it, and say it, and then we get it right and then we can pick one or the other. I understand that you don’t feel comfortable with the I’ll and all this, but let’s just shoot it. And so that’s what they did.”

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James Cameron

When the line became popular the Predator star was stunned by it. Former bodybuilder highlighted how the line picked up among people as more and more of them started using it everywhere. 

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