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Arnold Schwarzenegger Had 4 Year Affair With Hairdresser, Claimed Wife Maria Shriver Was “Just a friend”: “I didn’t believe him”

arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver

Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger has always had troublesome relationships with several women throughout his career in Hollywood. The Austrian actor, who started as a professional bodybuilder, managed to find his way into American society through his marriage with Maria Shriver.

Arnold Schwarzenegger 1
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before meeting the famed journalist, Schwarzenegger already had numerous flings and relationships, as well as controversies about the way he treats women. Shriver, on the other hand, seemed to turn a blind eye to all his wild affairs and indecent conduct.

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Sue Moray Confesses Tumultuous Relationship With Arnold Schwarzenegger

The actor’s first relationship was with American teacher Barbara Outland, which was said to be short-lived following the woman’s desire to get married, an idea that was not Schwarzenegger’s cup of tea.

He later on met Sue Moray, a hairdresser who was four years younger than him, and with whom he had an open relationship. Moray told The Sunday Times:

When he was in town, he would be committed to me, and I would live with him and go to work from his house. But when he was out of town, we were free to do whatever we wanted and to date anyone else we wanted.”

In 2003, she told Evening Standard that while they were together, Arnold Schwarzenegger was also dating Shriver:

It was part of the turn-on for us. He would tell me. Then I would tell him. But when I did, he got really mad. All he ever said about Maria was that she was ‘just a friend’, but I didn’t believe him.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Maria Shriver
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

The 75-year-old actor managed to keep his simultaneous relationships with Moray and Shriver for more than a year while messing around with other women. One of those girls even gave Schwarzenegger a venereal disease. Moray shared:

I was outraged. Arnold just said: ‘Look, what if I came and gave you a cold — would you be outraged? You know I sleep with other people.’ He turned it on me, telling me that I was outrageous even thinking there was anything wrong about getting a venereal disease from him.”

Despite the actor’s evident infidelity and blatant disrespect for women, Shriver maintained her relationship with him and even tied the knot on April 1986. As if the marriage would stop him from his wild ways, the Predator star continued having extramarital affairs with his co-stars and other female celebrities.

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Maria Shriver Ignored All Red Flags For Love Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger

The actor’s love affairs outside of marriage went public all over America, but Maria Shriver stayed nonchalant despite the evidence. Schwarzenegger’s camp also denied the allegations.

Although Shriver may have loved her husband and remained detached from the issues for the sake of their four children, her approach to the problem might simply be the influence of the family’s tradition she was born into.

The Kennedy clan has endured several extramarital affairs with the legal wives never batting an eyelid. As she was born and bred into this kind of family situation, the famed journalist’s response to the issue was not shocking at all. In 2011, Shriver ultimately filed for a divorce from the actor, which was finalized in 2021.

Meanwhile, Netflix will release Arnold on June 7, a three-part documentary series chronicling Schwarzenegger’s life and career.

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