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Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron Copied a French Movie To Create This $378M Spy Classic: “When I watched it, I got it”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron Copied a French Movie To Create This $378M Spy Classic

Over the years, the James Bond franchise has made its place in fans’ hearts. People still look forward to getting some more spy-action films of 007. But even though getting such a positive response from the audience, one of the famous directors in the industry doesn’t support James Bond films. James Cameron, one of the best directors in the industry thinks that the franchise is rotten at its core.

That’s the reason the Titanic director took the concept of James Bond and turned it into a completely different concept with the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The director didn’t like some of the aspects of the 007 character, like how the whole story was driven by male fantasy. Cameron wasn’t someone who was interested in such a story.

What Idea Arnold Schwarzenegger Gave To James Cameron?

Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron

Back then, Arnold Schwarzenegger watched a French film named La Totale! The film falls under the adventure comedy genre and has a spy-like storyline. The story revolves around a character named François who is a civil servant but works as a crack secret agent and uncovers the mystery of his son skipping school. An idea popped into Schwarzenegger’s mind after watching this film and he then approached James Cameron with this idea.

Cameron got inspired by the film idea and thought they could make a film with a better approach than Bond films. That’s when he directed the comedy action film named True Lies by casting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role as Harry Tasker and Jamie Lee Curtis as Helen Tasker.

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James Cameron with Arnold Schwarzenegger
James Cameron with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Terminator director gave it a watch and he really liked the concept of the French film. So he made the True Lies film which is a James Bond movie but with a unique concept. In a past interview, he also revealed what he was thinking about after watching the film.

“When I watched it, I got it. [Arnold] was dealing with [the idea] of, ‘I’m a husband and I’m a father, but I’m also this icon of masculinity.’ He related to it as, ‘What if James Bond had to go home to his wife and family?’

Well, that’s how a $378M movie was made solely by being inspired by another film.

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Who’ll Play The Next James Bond?

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

There is no shortage of talented actors in the industry who would be perfect for playing 007. The queue of contenders to play this role will never end but someone got to continue the long-lived franchise. Then who would be the one to fill in these big shoes? Well, Daniel Craig’s run as the beloved character is already over with his last film No Time To Die.

Some of the most heard-about candidates for the role are Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Harry Styles, Will Poulter, Lucien Laviscount, and others. As of now, the world hasn’t gotten its next James Bond. The audience has to wait until the replacement for Daniel Craig’s James Bond is found.

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