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Arnold Schwarzenegger Made $450M Fortune By Forcing Himself to Stop Speaking German: “I wanted to force myself to assimilate”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Made $450M Fortune By Forcing Himself to Stop Speaking German: "I wanted to force myself to assimilate"

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a massive career both as a bodybuilder and as an actor. His journey has been a lengthy one and he now stands as a respectable celebrity throughout the world. His talent has been appreciated all over and he has worked hard since he first came to the United States of America. His settling in the country hadn’t been easy other.

Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing his arms
Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing his arms

He shared his experience about when he first came to the country and how it required a lot of dedication and strength to become who he is now. His Austrian heritage often came in between him blending and the language barrier was difficult to surpass but he eventually did.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Had To Stay Away From German

Coming to the United States of America without being fluent in English posed a problem for Arnold Schwarzenegger. The language barrier had been more than unwelcome and it was only becoming a bigger obstacle for him. His dedication had been more than strong. He was adamant about wanting to live in the country and not being able to speak properly was not going to come in between that.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I didn’t let it bother me because I knew I was in the right place, and that was their problem.” 

Schwarzenegger had to make sure he wasn’t talking in German. He wanted to learn English as fast as possible because of how many times he had made mistakes and misspoke words while making conversation.

“I wanted to force myself to assimilate.”

He wanted to do everything in his power to mix well and settle in the country peacefully. His need to adapt and evolve around where he lived helped him make a name in the United States. This journey did not come without people constantly mocking him and making fun of him. However, he stayed strong and looked only at the goal right in front of him.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Fluent In English Without Getting Rid Of His Accent

While Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to perfect his English, he did not let go of his accent. Jimmy Kimmel even pointed it out back in 2019, for which the actor had just the right response.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actor turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I think it has got something to do that I’m hanging out with Sly very often.”

The actor remarked on Sylvester Stallone and their previous rivalry. Even in the many years, he has never lost his wit or talent. He managed to still have his iconic accent and still make a place for himself in the United States.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live 

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