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Arnold Schwarzenegger Made ‘True Lies’ Co-Star Lose 80 lbs after Suffering a “Mini-Stroke”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Made 'True Lies' Co-Star Lose 80 lbs after Suffering a "Mini-Stroke"

Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been restricted to just one career and has explored quite a lot. He still managed to leave a mark in every single industry he ever stepped in. He made his acting debut in the year 1970 with a film named Hercules in New York. Apart from acting, a passion for bodybuilding always lasted in his mind since the age of 15.

Even though Schwarzenegger was too young, he began lifting weights at an early age. Just by the age of 20, he already earned a Mr. Universe title. He holds the title of Mr. Olympia that too 7 times. Well, his bodybuilding career has been remarkable. In the year 2003, he stepped into the world of politics after being appointed as the Governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Assists True Lies Co-Star To Lose Weight

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a part of several films like The Terminator, Total Recall, Commando, Predator, Batman & Robin, and so on. Recently he helped one of his co-stars named Tom Arnold from the film True Lies with losing weight. Tom Arnold mentioned that he suffered a stroke in January. Since then, he lost 80 lbs from his body and has been working with his trainer and the Austrian Oak.

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Tom Arnold and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tom Arnold and Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s known that Arnold has been working out at Schwarzenegger’s house. He is also looking forward to being healthy quickly for his children. Well, the 7X Olympia is well aware of how fitness is important in life. The two actors have been a part of a spy comedy film helmed by James Cameron. In the film, Tom Arnold played the role of Albert Gibson. Whereas Arnold Schwarzenegger took the lead role of Harry Tasker alongside Jamie Lee Curtis’ Helen Tasker.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dangerous Mistake At The Set Of True Lies

Tango Scene in True Lies
Tango Scene in True Lies

The 7X Olympia champion has taken on many roles throughout his life. But True Lies film is still considered one of his best works. But while shooting one of the scenes from the film, he almost broke the toe of his co-star named Tia Carrere. The tango scene was supposed to be the most difficult scene as it had a dangerous stunt of his. In a past interview, Carrere mentioned how that particular scene could have turned out to be a disaster for her and the production might have got delayed because of that.

“He did step on my toes. It would have been dangerous if I had broken my toes, I suppose, because that would have put us back 30 days in the production. … I think Arnold did an amazing job in the tango. He has great posture, and that’s all you really need.”

Well, even though Schwarzenegger stepped on her toe by God’s grace no serious damage was done. True Lies received an overall IMDB rating of 7.3 and Rotten Tomatoes rating of 70%. It earned mostly positive reviews from critics and scored a box office record of $378M worldwide.

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