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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals His Nazi Dad Was Buried Underneath Buildings For 3 Days: “On top of that, they lost the war”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals His Nazi Dad Was Buried Underneath Buildings For 3 Days: "On top of that, they lost the war"

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a very eventful life. A classic rags-to-riches story, his personal life has been full of controversies and affairs, despite his accomplishment in politics and the glitzy world of Hollywood.

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks up about his life and upbringing
Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks up about his life and upbringing

Arnold, a three-part documentary based on his life on Netflix, will be revealing some very intimate details about Schwarzenegger’s personal, political, and acting life. The documentary features a series of interviews with the star talking candidly about his life, including about his Nazi father.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Shocking Details About His Nazi Father

Gustav Schwarzenegger (right) with wife and son, Meinhard
Gustav Schwarzenegger (right) with wife and son, Meinhard

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Born and brought up in Austria, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a very tough and harsh upbringing on top of living in poverty. Born to a Nazi father, Gustav Schwarzenegger, he describes his father as a ‘tyrant’, who would often subject him and his family to cruel abuse.

In the Netflix documentary titled Arnold, Schwarzenegger revealed how his father was a Nazi party official who suffered from a series of mental health struggles, including being schizophrenic.

“He was buried underneath buildings, rubble, for three days, and on top of that, they lost the war. They went home so depressed. Austria was a country of broken men. I think there were times where my father really struggled.”

Schwarzenegger admitted it was hard to figure out which version of their father would he and his brother be getting. They were often forced to perform certain tasks to earn food. He revealed,


“He would scream at three in the morning and we would wake up and our hearts were pounding because we knew that meant. He could, at any given time, strike my mother or go crazy. So there was this strange violence.”

Blaming his father for his brother Meinhard’s death in a drunk driving accident, he says it was their cruel upbringing and brutal beatings that resulted in Meinhard’s drinking problem. While he does harbor ill feelings and anger for the way they were raised, he mentions how it made him stronger and determined to succeed.

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Arnold Will Reveal Shocking Details About Schwarzenegger’s Life

Schwarzenegger and Shriver divorced in 2011
Schwarzenegger and Shriver divorced in 2011

The cruel tale about his upbringing isn’t the only shocking thing that will be revealed by the Terminator star in his Netflix documentary. But it will also touch upon the particulars of Schwarzenegger’s divorce from Maria Shriver, including the events leading to their separation in 2011.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be seen relating the moment he had to tell the truth to Shriver about his affair with their housekeeper Mildred Baena. The actor admitted his heart stopped the moment he accepted that Joseph was his son after an extra-marital affair with Baena.

Arnold will also reveal Schwarzenegger’s decision to join politics and his body-building career.

You can stream Arnold on Netflix.

Source: New York Post

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