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Arnold Schwarzenegger Rumored To Appear As Major Villain in Disney+ Armor Wars Series

Arnold Schwarzenegger Rumored To Appear As Major Villain in Disney Armor Wars Series

It seems like there is no rest for the fans to encounter one by one constant punch from Marvel Cinematic Universe, and A-list actors are getting lined up for roles in upcoming projects including Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to recent news, the Terminator himself is said to be set for a role as a Marvel villain. Still, it’s not confirmed yet, but we can speculate about who the Austrian Oak could be playing a role.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in talks to join MCU
Arnold Schwarzenegger in talks to join MCU

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Marvel villain Titanium Man is going to be a hit if happens for real. We know that Kevin Feige controls the MCU system and there are a few details leaked and some of them are announced for upcoming projects. One of those projects is the Disney+ series Armor Wars, which is going to star Don Cheadle as James Rhodes aka War Machine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Might Be a New Marvel Villain

Titanium Man, Marvel comics
Titanium Man, Marvel comics

Fans are speculating that Arnold Schwarzenegger could be playing one of Marvel Comics’ most popular armored villains, the former KGB agent turned specialized behemoth known as Titanium Man. It follows the War Machine of the MCU has also taken on the character of the USA-branded Iron Patriot, and it completely makes sense to have him show up against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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It is totally possible to rewrite the background story of Titanium Man to make it even more reasonable to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Austrian origins. If he does manage to knock inside the Marvel Studios, it would be his mega entry into the big leagues after many years of semi-retirement.

Arnold Schwarzenegger might get a Marvel's villain role
Arnold Schwarzenegger might get a Marvel’s villain role

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Titanium Man has generally been shown as a bulky character, a huge figure who stands over Iron Man, so this character is originally large size could be a perfect fit for the character. And also we can say that this character is making his way in years, and having a tough character that would mainly be CGI would make it easy on the action. Fans should just wait to see when this character is going to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to shock people.


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Written by Shreeparna Das