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Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Getting “Residual Checks” from 1993 Movie Everyone Called a Massive Box Office Bomb

Arnold Schwarzenegger Still Getting "Residual Checks" from 1993 Movie Everyone Called a Massive Box Office Bomb

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career as an actor has extended over decades. The actor established himself as an action megastar in Hollywood. The 75-year-old is still working hard to appear in movies and shows. Recently, he made a series television debut in the Netflix action-comedy, Fubar.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Netflix also dropped a three-part documentary chronicling his life. Further, the actor is all set to motivate people with his upcoming self-help book Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life. Schwarzenegger has a lot of experience and memories that shaped his life in the industry, he has seen his movies rise and fall- some hitting big box-office numbers while others are doomed. Recently, he recalled the memories of life and his career candidly.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Believes Last Action Hero Is His Most Underrated Film 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks John McTiernan’s 1993 fantasy action comedy, Last Action Hero is his most underrated movie. When the Hollywood Reporter asked the actor, he instantly recalled the movie. He also said that the movie has been a victim of politics.

“It was slaughtered before anybody saw it. It was literally a political attack because I was campaigning for [former President George H.W. Bush], but Bill Clinton won. Last Action Hero was great — it wasn’t fantastic, but it was underrated. Now, more and more people are seeing it and saying, ‘I love this movie,’” 

Last Action Hero grossed over $137 million against the budget of $85 million. However, it was not all from the theatrical earning. And the critical reception was also quite average. The actor said that he is still “getting the residual checks, so I know it’s true. It made money — that’s always an important thing for me. Because it’s show business, right?”

For Schwarzenegger, it was sad to see the movie fail at the time of release. Despite having blockbuster director, John McTiernan on board who previously directed Predator, and Die Hard, the movie did not meet up the expectation in terms of success. Also, the movie was released just a week after Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park which drowned the movie. The meta-satire story by Shane Black and David Arnott was something that the audience of the time had a hard time digesting. However, later, the movie gained the status of a cult classic and remained the favorite of millions.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Bit of an Influencer Now

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Time does not pause for anybody. The Terminator actor also feels the pain of passing time before his eyes. Once he possessed a body of an alpha male, now, at 75, the wrinkles took over his proud physique 

“My whole life I look at the mirror and see the best-built man, and all of a sudden I see a bunch of crap. It’s terrible! You get these wrinkles under your eyes. You get wrinkles under your pecs. You see the fu**ing poodle! [Budle]”

“It’s Austrian for your stomach sticking out. Where the f**k did that come from? It’s not pleasurable. But you cope with it,” the actor said. 

But now Schwarzenegger has a clear path. Aside from acting the actor is now motivating people to make the world a better place. The actor said that there’s so much negativity out there. 

“The internet chat is so negative. When you give people a compliment — somebody loses 200 pounds and you say, “Congratulations,” they say, “Oh my God, you are the greatest guy in the world.” People appreciate that more than ever. I’m always trying to figure out a way of making a better world and to be useful.”

Talking about the negativity that affects people Schwarzenegger commented on sensitivity quoting German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “For every attack, there’s a defense.” “If people are sensitive, let’s figure out what we can say,” the actor added.

Further, Schwarzenegger said that his father’s abuse build him a stronger man rising over all odds. 

Schwarzenegger’s action comedy series Fubar will premiere globally on Netflix on May 25. He is also set to come back to the fourth installment of the action-adventure franchise The Expendables 4 which is scheduled for theatrical release on 22 September 2023.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

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