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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Exploits in $98.3M Cult-Classic Movie Made Him a Real Life Public Hero Over Tom Cruise and Will Smith in Battle Against Aliens

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Exploits in $98.3M Cult-Classic Movie Made Him a Real Life Public Hero Over Tom Cruise and Will Smith in Battle Against Aliens

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been the man of the people ever since he was thrown into the spotlight during his stardom in the early Hollywood days. The actor has been chosen by the people if it was too much for the world to bear when an alien invasion would occur.

An online poll was held where the people voted for the best leader who could take charge if the Earth was invaded by aliens. Among the list of top celebrities and people, the name Arnold Schwarzenegger came out to be on the top.

A still of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the upcoming Fubar (2023).
A still of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the upcoming FUBAR (2023).

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Save The World!

With hundreds of movies featuring an alien invasion destroying our world (for reasons unknown), the topic of alien invasion has been engraved in our pop culture for many years. With movies like Independence Day, Men in Black, and, Guardians of the Galaxy, several actors were considered for an online poll in which the people can vote.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator (1987).
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator (1987).

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According to a survey conducted by Blaze TV in 2021, several actors were chosen to fight off against the aliens if an alien invasion ever took place. Actors like Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, and, Chris Pratt were nominated for the title of the protector of the world. In the end, Arnold Schwarzenegger was chosen as the best leader in such a situation because he starred in Predator in 1987.

The movie, which was termed a cult classic ended up with a total box office collection of $98.3 million during its time. Predator, however, ended up making Arnold Schwarzenegger the hero of the people due to his iconic portrayal of the character of the Dutch in the movie. This real-life hero also has some personal traumas to deal with since his son and now Schwarzenegger is involved in a lawsuit of $1.5 million over a car accident by his son Joseph Baena!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends His Son In A Lawsuit

Arnold Schwarzenegger during his prime.
Arnold Schwarzenegger during his prime.

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Following an accident between Joseph Baena and a man known as Takaloo Saam, the latter sued the actor’s son over allegations of compensation for the accident. With the lawsuit kept at a price of $1.5 million, the man claimed that he suffered severe trauma and injury that left him permanently disabled.

After suing Joseph Baena, the man also went on to sue Schwarzenegger’s company Oak Productions for undisclosed reasons. Following this, the Predator actor stated that this wasn’t a case at all and needs to be thrown out of the court.

The judge of this case has yet to rule and read out his judgment as Arnold Schwarzenegger rushed to defend his son who he had shared with their ex-housekeeper Mildred Baena.

Predator is available to stream on HBO Max.

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