Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator Co-Star Didn’t Believe the Austrian Oak Can Act: “Only because I was a snotty New York actress”

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator Co-Star Didn't Believe the Austrian Oak Can Act: "Only because I was a snotty New York actress"
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Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood, being the face of one of the most memorable action movie franchises, The Terminator. He plays the titular character, a cyborg who only knows how to kill, and has been part of six movies in that franchise, the latest being Terminator: Dark Fate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a renowned bodybuilder turned actor
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Alongside Schwarzenegger was Linda Hamilton, who played his target and appeared in the franchise in multiple movies. She was an integral part of the story, which resulted in her and Schwarzenegger spending a lot of time together.

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Linda Hamilton Didn’t Want To Work With Arnold Schwarzenegger In The Terminator

Despite the actors having such a close friendship, it is quite interesting to find out that Linda Hamilton did not like the idea of working with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actress revealed this information while doing an interview with Graham Norton alongside the Australian Oak. She mentioned that being an actress who worked in New York influenced her perception when it came to taking jobs in Los Angeles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Yeah, not at all. Only because I was a snotty New York actress, you know?” she said “So, here’s Arnold starring in this film, and my people were very excited, and I was, ‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I’m gonna see for myself.'” Hamilton continued, “I went to see him at work and watched him as that robot. I said, ‘All right, this might be alright,'” she recalled.

She went on to elaborate stating that the atmosphere in New York made it so that was elitist and looked down on actors and movies in LA. She added that due to this, she had reservations about acting in a low-budget movie like Terminator and was not interested in working with the bodybuilder and actor. This shocked Schwarzenegger, who was never told about this by his co-star and friend.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger And Linda Hamilton Share A Deep Bond With Each Other

Despite this bump in the road, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton become quite close friends over the course of filming and stayed in touch after this too. Even though it has been 40 years since The Terminator was released, Hamilton is supportive of Schwarzenegger’s life, acting career, and even his political prospects when he became the governor of Los Angeles. She has gone on many interviews talking about how much respect she has for the actor.

Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I loved working with Arnold. I actually was just pleased as punch when I saw him again. It had been a number of years,” the actress said. “And I just have this affection for him that is so deep and biting.”

Schwarzenegger is no less vocal about his affection towards his ex-co-star. He made a birthday tribute to her in 2019, where he went on and on, praising the actress for what an exceptional human being she is as well as a true badass and one of his favorite people to work with.

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