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Arrow Season 9 Theory: Every Possible Way Oliver Queen Could Return

Arrow was the one who started it all. Season 8 was a sad farewell to what could be said as one of the most watched superhero shows of all time. Stephen Amell has become nothing short of a living legend. There was no one who could have led the Arrowverse the way his portrayal of Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow did. There will never be another season of the show after the last Arrowverse Crossover saw Oliver Queen become the Spectre. He died fighting the Anti-Monitor in an epic battle royale. Amell has left the shared TV Superhero universe for good. Or has he?

In a recent interview, Stephen Amell expressed his interest to return as Oliver Queen for yet another season for the hit TV series. How could he possibly be coming for another season of Arrow? Was it just a fluke or are there signals our antennas are failing to pick up? Even if Amell does return to the show as Oliver Queen, how could it possibly happen? There are several theories floating all over the internet that might give us an answer. We have picked up the best of the lot.

This is how Oliver Queen returns to play the Green Arrow again in Arrow Season 9 (if it happens in the first place)

Time Travel – Bringing Back A Past Version Of Oliver Queen

Time Travel exists as more than just a concept in the Arrowverse. Its a regularly used plot device. The Flash and Legends Of tomorrow see frequent usage of time travel mechanics. There’s also magic, another element that could be used to bring about time travel. Bringing back a past version of Oliver Queen into the future, right after the death of the original version after Crisis, seems like the most rational option.

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There are several real time implications of bringing a past version of Oliver Queen to the future. The Oliver Queen we have come to know and love is a man who has had some huge character developments in the past seasons. Everyone from Damian Darhk to Prometheus and Deathstroke have had an impact on his life. If the show brings back the Oliver Queen of, say, Season 1 or Season 2, things would be totally different. The Oliver Queen of the past was a brash, violent, and arrogant vigilante. Things will become really interesting if that happens.

Back To the Future – Rolling Into 2040

If getting an Oliver Queen from the past is not an option, then how about propelling Oliver Queen into the future. Arrow Season 9 could merge with Green Arrow And The Canaries. Oliver Queen would travel to the future to team up with his daughter Mia Smoak. This would also be an interesting plot direction since this would mean an entirely new set of supporting characters and new super villains to terrorize Star City. This would surely be a fun ride for the recycled Arrow show considering Green arrow And The Canaries are not at the peak of approval ratings right now.

Oliver Queen – The Spectre

It was quite interesting to see Oliver Queen take on the mantle of another DC superhero for a change. Amell portrayed the role of the Spectre in the Crisis On Infinite Earths event. He then used his newfound powers and abilities to fight the Anti-Monitor. This option makes the most sense. Rather than making the actor return as the same character, they give him a new angle to explore. Oliver Queen as the Spectre would be a good change of pace for the show.

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The story could revolve around the reason behind Oliver Queen’s return. he Spectre is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. The return of God’s Instrument of Divine Wrath surely would raise eyebrows. Arrow Season 9 would show Oliver Queen with an air of mystery around him. To fight the Spectre, powerful antagonists must be roped in. The element of magic, something missing from the show ever since Damian Darhk’s demise, would also come back.

Oliver returns For One Last Lime – To Fix A Mistake

When you are in charge of rebooting entire creation, its only natural to think that there must be something you missed out on. To err is human, right? Oliver Queen may be the Spectre but he is still, at his core, a human being. What if, while rebooting the Arrowverse, he ended up doing more harm than good? Everyone here remembers The Blip event from Avengers: Endgame, when the Hulk Snap brought back everyone killed by the Infinity War Thanos Snap. Although good intentioned, there were some plausible real world implications the Avengers had not anticipated.

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The same could happen to Oliver Queen. What if Oliver Queen is resurrected from the dead by supernatural forces to fix a mistake he did as the Spectre. This would be the final run for Oliver Queen. Everybody would know he came for the last time. And everybody would be thrilled to see him ride into the sunset.

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