“Please Arrowhead, add the option…”: Helldivers 2 Fan Demands are Back as Some Have Had Enough of Obvious Mechanic Being Ignored

Could the pleas of one player see this feature introduced in the future?

helldivers 2


  • Despite recent updates to Helldivers 2 to fix various issues, some players are still demanding more.
  • One fan has taken to social media to repeatedly demand that one feature be introduced to the game.
  • Recent controversies aside, Helldivers 2 still remains popular with players, and many are fully invested.
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Helldivers 2 was only released back in February, and the title from Arrowhead Games Studios was launched into success by players who fully embraced the fight for democracy. The likeness to cult classic movie Starship Troopers no doubt played some small part in the game’s popularity and although player numbers may have dipped, it still remains an enjoyable title for many.


As with many games, fans are always quick to point out what they would like to see implemented and Director Johan Pilestedt does seem open to listening to what the fans have to say. Although there is one player who feels that there is an aspect of the game that is sadly being overlooked and needs addressed.

Helldivers 2 Players Have Some Thoughts Regarding the Game

Could dual-wielded weapons be something that is implemented in a future update?
Could dual-wielded weapons be something that is implemented in a future update?

Judging by comments on Social Media Site X, the fans are so desperate to see one aspect added to the game that they are repeatedly reposting the request in the hopes that this will be picked up by developers. They also asked other players to like and repost if they agreed with this suggestion.


The post itself has received some pickup, with nearly 850 reposts and over 5k likes so there are certainly some Helldivers 2 players who are in agreement with this request. The comments on the thread appeared to be in favor; however, as with most gaming-related things, not everyone agrees on this.

Those who were in favour of this option had various suggestions on what they would like to see: dual laser pistols, regular pistols and SMGs were some of the weapons players highlighted. However, with the latter suggestion, one player did bring up that the recoil on a dual-wield for SMGs would make it go haywire.


Recent Helldivers 2 Update That Brought Some Fixes to the Game

It has been a long, hard road battling for freedom and democracy in Helldivers 2
It has been a long, hard road battling for freedom and democracy in Helldivers 2.

With the update of May 14th, there is another small fix relating to crashing issues that players have experienced, particularly around the loadout menu. Another issue which saw players frozen on the post-match summary has also been addressed, whilst the issue with some players transitioning to/from a ship has also been fixed.

It has been highlighted that some players are worried about the Studio Devs as they feel the game is suffering and the title is perhaps a victim of its own success. However, it should be noted that the team at Arrowhead are sinking considerable hours into this title to ensure that players have the best experience.

Helldivers 2 is a game which took the gaming world by storm when it was first released and it’s had to traverse some unsteady terrain of late. Despite differing opinions of what players would like to see implemented, it remains a game which is still enjoyed by many.


What are your thoughts on the latest news for Helldivers 2? Do you agree that there should be a dual-wield option in the game? Get in touch, leave us a comment and let us know what you think.


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