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Arrowverse Comes Back From the Dead: John Diggle Actor David Ramsey Confirms Justice U Spinoff is “Moving forward”

David Ramsey: Arrowverse

After the cancelation of the biggest projects like Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, a hope of light came out with the news that the Arrowverse will continue on The CW despite recent cancellations. Earlier the studio made us stunned by the sudden cancelation of the most anticipated shows including DC’s Naomi.

Arrowverse finally comes back
Arrowverse finally comes back

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Only The Flash and Stargirl coming back as returning Arrowverse shows, with Gotham Knights joining the list for the 2022-2023 season. It is also confirmed that a final crossover of Titans and Stargirl is going to happen.

Is the Arrowverse Going to Continue?

The Arrowverse future is moving forward
The Arrowverse future is moving forward

Fans were assuming that Warner could sell off The CW, pushing DC TV’s future further towards streaming but CW boss Mark Pedowitz told the press that’s not the case. He said in an interview that:

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“For the CW-DC universe, we have Gotham Knights, so we are staying in the superhero business, we are staying with [producer] Greg Berlanti who has masterminded creatively the CW DC Universe.” 

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Further acknowledged that DC’s presence on The CW “is not as robust as we were in years past”. Another news was revealed when Arrow star David Ramsey, who plays John Diggle in The CW’s Arrowverse franchise, drops the latest update on the plans of the Justice U show. The CW is pushing Justice U forward and the network also confirmed that David Ramsey was being tracked down and has been set for a few episodes of Superman & Lois and other Arrowverse shows.

Arrowverse’s John Diggle Actor Revealed Latest Justice U Update

David Ramsey gave updates on Justice U
David Ramsey gave updates on Justice U

According to the information by David Ramsey, the studio is working on the second draft of the Justice U script, revealing that a new female writer has just worked on the project. He added:


“We’re on the second draft of a script, and we just closed the deal on a writer. I’m not sure I can say her name, so I won’t, but we’re very close to submitting our second draft. It’s still in development, and we’re moving forward.”

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His latest update may be a positive sign but there is still a chance that Justice U won’t move forward on The CW because according to some sources Nexstar recently became The CW’s new majority owner, they own 75% of the network while WarnerMedia and Paramount are covering the remaining 25%.


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