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Artist Creates Glitter Coated Nostalgic Things That Would Make Fans Adore Their Childhood

Aly Jones is an artist from Asheville, North Carolina, also known as Paintdust. 

Her main aim is to create certain things that would make people happy, especially people of the ’90s. 

She is a designer who is found of mixing various fan arts and original concepts that are inspired by

several video games and anime characters. 

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She has always been an enormous nerd and put’s the passion for every art she makes. 

She hopes to somehow trigger this same amount of passion for work on people around her. 

Wanting everyone to remember that growing up does not have to be boring at all. 


Paintdust’s work includes making art related to our childhood with beautiful glitters in them, along

with our childhood memories and some soft pastel palettes that blend together to form a creative

fan-art that often looks as it would give you a nostalgic hit. 

So for fans to cherish their childhood memories, we at FandomWire have compiled a list of nostalgic

this that would remind you of your childhood. 

Sounds memorable; let us hop into it.

#1 90’s Video Game:


#2 Makeup Kit:


#3 Instant Sugar Camera:



#4 90’s Glitter Backpack:


#5 Nostalgia 64 Playstation:


#6 Old Washing Machine:


#7 90’s Nostalgic Computer:

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#8 Old Cassette Tape:

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#9 90’s The Forbidden Egg:

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#10 1990’s Dunkaroos Snacks:

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Source: Aly Jones – Paintdust



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