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‘As handsome as I was at 20’: David Harbour Wants Euphoria Star To Play a Young Hopper in Stranger Things Prequel

David Harbour Wants Euphoria Star To Play a Young Hopper in Stranger Things Prequel

The crown jewel of Netflix, Stranger Things, wrapped up its fourth season. With the next season reportedly the last one in the show, talks of a spin-off series after that have gained more ground. Fans absolutely love the show and most would want a spin-off series after season five is done.

David Harbour wants this character to play a younger viersion of himself in a stranger things spin-off series
David Harbour

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Amidst this chatter, Stranger Things star David Harbour has commented that he wants Jacob Elordi to play a younger version of his onscreen character Jim Hopper in a spin-off series.

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David Harbour Wants Jacob Elordi To Play a Young Jim Hopper in Stranger Things Prequel Series

David Harbour wants this character to play a younger version of himself in a stranger things spin-off series
The actor, Jacob Elordi

As aforementioned, David Harbour recently talked about a spin-off series of the popular Netflix show. He told GQ: “I think as soon as the show ends, or maybe six months before it ends, you’ll be hearing about whatever spin-offs they have planned.

He continued: “At this point, I think Hopper is a character that can exist independent of me. If they wanna go back in time, forward in time… I’d love to see another actor play Hopper, and see what they can bring to it.” “He could pull off being as handsome as I was at 20.”

Even the Duffer Brothers seem enthusiastic about a spin-off series. They told SFX in a conversation:

“We have some ideas. In terms of if we were to do any sort of spinoff, or any continuation of Stranger Things, for us the bar was always ‘Is the idea exciting enough that we feel the pull of wanting to do it again?’”“I want to feel the pull of ‘God I really want to do this. I feel really, really excited about this.’ So that’s why we’re being careful about what that is and whether we move forward with it or not.”“The key for us is that it needs to feel like its own distinct thing, not that we’re just retreading what we’ve already done,” further teasing: “I do think we have something pretty exciting, so we’ll see.”

Stranger Things season 4 poster

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The Brothers later made this remark in a conversation with Variety:

 “We do have an idea for a spinoff that we’re super excited about but we haven’t told anyone the idea yet, much less written it. We think everyone — including Netflix — will be surprised when they hear the concept, because it’s very, very different.”

Tens of millions of fans the world over love the show Stranger Things and many want the legacy of the show to continue after season 5. Perhaps a spin-off series is a great idea.

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Source: GQ

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