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As Henry Cavill’s Marvel Debut Rumors Fuel Up, James Gunn’s ‘Superman: Legacy’ Screen Testing for Younger Actor Begins This Week

As Henry Cavill's Marvel Debut Rumors Fuel Up, James Gunn's 'Superman: Legacy' Screen Testing for Younger Actor Begins This Week

Henry Cavill is indeed one of the most swashbuckling stars Hollywood has to offer. The 40-year-old has crafted a name for himself in the Industry by acting in a specific niche. Be it his work in the DC Extended Universe starting with the Man of Steel, or his performances as Geralt in The Witcher, he has turned into one of the go-to men for bombastic action roles. And it looks like the big boys have finally come calling for the talent.

One of the finest

Calle claims Henry Cavill loved her replacing him
Henry Cavill is one of the best in business

Henry Cavill is undoubtedly one of the Industry’s heartthrobs. The Mission: Impossible Fallout star has won the hearts of many people with his charm and performances. Add to that his physique, which is tailor-made for an action movie actor, and you have every director’s dream man.

No wonder every franchise which revolves remotely around the action is vying for the Night Hunter star’s signature. Even though he has had his hands full, the offers haven’t stopped flowing. And it looks like he has a major offer on the line now.

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Henry Cavill looks set to make the jump

henry Cavill
Henry Cavill might be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The rumor mill is running amok with speculations that Cavill is bound for a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following the culmination of the MCU’s Phase 4, the franchise is set to undergo a monumental change. New faces are expected on the block soon.

There are a host of Marvel characters whose roles could be up for grabs. Fans are of the view that it is time that the X-Men were finally introduced to the fold, and Henry Cavill might be the man to essay the role of Cyclops (well he is already familiar with shooting laser beams from his eyes). Some expect to see him as Hyperion, a character somewhat akin to Superman. The possibilities are indeed endless.

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No Henry Cavill, no problem

Superman: Legacy
Screen testing for Superman: Legacy is set to begin this week

Fans are adamant to see Cavill join the multi-billion franchise soon, in one capacity or another. Though no one can know for sure what will go down, his former employers seem focused on getting their own Superman. James Gunn is set to oversee a small revamp of the DC Extended Universe. The first step in his journey – Superman: Legacy.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director is set on taking the DC Extended Universe on the path of success. To ensure the same, he is set to proceed with the screen testing for Superman: Legacy, which is set to release in 2025, this week.

Seems like both he and Cavill are ready for the next step.

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