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‘As long as he knows what he’s doing’: Snyder Fans On the Fence Whether The Flash Director Andy Muschietti Could Save Snyderverse as Justice League 2 Director

Andy Muschietti Justice League 2

It has recently come to light that Justice League 2 could be directed by Andy Muschietti, who is currently waiting for the release of his first DC project, The Flash. James Gunn went on to state the possibility of future projects much like the sequel to Justice League. Ever since the confirmation of Man of Steel 2 has come into play, this has brought fans together in demanding Zack Snyder to once again take over these projects.

Justice League 2
Andy Muschietti

Although it is just a rumor, the director does seem to be in talks to take on this project once The Flash finally runs in theatres. This sequel seems to be part of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s big plan for the DC Universe.

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Justice League 2 Might See Andy Muschietti As Its Director

Justice League are an integral part of the DCEU.
Justice League

There have been talks about Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios searching for a director for both projects whose predecessors had been directed by Zack Snyder initially. On one hand, this would mark the end of an era for Snyder’s works, on another hand, it could very easily put into question whether or not other directors would be able to match the themes that Snyder had built. An example of this had been Joss Whedon’s takeover of 2017’s Justice League, which had proven to be a disaster for WBD.

Black Adam FandomWire
Members of the Justice League

While Andy Muschietti has had some impressive works so far, with It Chapter 1 and 2; which left fans wanting more from what the horror movie director could show. His upcoming project had to undergo major reshoots due to multiple controversies, all finally leading up to a release that is set to change the entire course of the DCU. This, although happening to be a rumor, could be a major change leap for the franchise as the sequel had been hinted at since 2014, and to see it finally take into a direction could be huge for WBD.

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Zack Snyder Fans Doubtful Of Andy Muschietti Directing Justice League 2

Though not official, a rather major source of information has put a lot of fans into thinking whether or not Andy Muschietti is fitting to take on as the director for Justice League 2. Some fans only wish to make a judgment of the matter once The Flash has been released so as to get an idea of how the director could lead up to creating an entire big project for the DCU.

Some fans wish to see Zack Snyder direct the movie as he has been a close figure to the characters of Ben Affleck’s Batman and especially Henry Cavill’s Superman. The audience wants to see the director, although highly unlikely, return and finish where he left off.

The Flash will be speeding through theatres from 23rd June 2023.

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