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Assassin: Bruce Willis Looks Ready to Rumble in One of Action Movie Icon’s Final Film Roles

Bruce Willis Looks Ready to Rumble in One of Action Movie Icon's Final Film Roles

The action spree that has been the life and career of Bruce Willis has been driven, defined, and haunted by one creation solely: the Die Hard franchise. But this is not to discredit the immensely extensive and durable career the action star has had for over a period of 40 years in the industry. The German-born American actor has a comedic bone or two in his body that exists alongside his better-recognized Hollywood action-star aura.

However, as the years of his stay in the profession draws to a slow and grieving close, the audience prepares themselves to bid adieu to the one who introduced us to “yippee-ki-yay” – the ever-immortal expression of joy as well as obscenity.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard
Bruce Willis in Die Hard

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Bruce Willis Set to Star in Assassin – One of His Final Films

Previously titled Soul Assassin, the film now takes the more ubiquitous but seldom-used calling card that attracts action-thriller fans in droves to the theatres. Simply called, Assassin, the film was first reported to be in development in 2020, following which Bruce Willis and Nomzamo Mbatha were subsequently brought on board the following year.

The film, which has been adapted to the big screens from Jesse Atlas and Aaron Wolfe’s short film, Let Them Die Like Lovers, was also written for the feature-length production by the pair. Assassin serves as Atlas’s first feature film directorial debut. The plot follows a former black ops operative who is brought out of retirement after an experimental military program causes the death of a man, setting the retired soldier, who was previously part of an elite special forces team, on the path to finding out who was responsible.

Bruce Willis in Assassin
Bruce Willis in Assassin

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The revenge thriller already sounds action-packed and serves every ingredient that facilitates a well-rounded plot for a box office commercial success. Unfortunately, the film also serves as one of the final handful to feature Willis in the cast, following his aphasia diagnosis and retirement.

Bruce Willis’s Diagnosis Sends the Beloved Actor Home

The past year has been the cause of much grief in our lives, besides the already frustrating onset of claustrophobia. Hollywood, for one, has been the constant source of breaking news and entertainment, if not via films or series, then definitely through the actors under its banner. Even though not all of the news-making incidents were pleasant (re: Ezra Miller), some were too dramatic to be considered derivatives of reality (the Depp-Heard trial and Harry & Meghan), while others were just plain tragic or humiliating, depending on the perspective (the DCU drama).

Bruce Willis
Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis

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Among the humongous shifts in the industry, other news that stayed for a short while and skipped under the radar was Bruce Willis’s aphasia diagnosis, which was revealed to the audience by the actor’s daughter via social media. The diagnosis (aphasia) has caused the actor to lose control of his cognitive abilities, causing problems for the actor in remembering scenes and dialogues in front of the lens.

Assassin is currently set to release on 31st March 2023.

Source: Variety

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