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‘At least he didn’t kill Jimmy Olsen like Sam Raimi killed Reed Richards’: DC Fans Defend Zack Snyder Amidst Marvel Fans’ Anti-Snyder Campaign

'At least he didn't kill Jimmy Olsen like Sam Raimi killed Reed Richards': DC Fans Defend Zack Snyder Amidst Marvel Fans' Anti-Snyder Campaign

DC has been shifting massively from its initial roots after the change in leadership, as Zack Snyder-led DCEU has been scrapped by the new regime of James Gunn and Peter Safran. And with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom being the last film in DCEU, many fans are distraught by the ending of Snyderverse.

The fans who have been shattered after the cancellation of Zack Snyder’s vision for DC, find themselves debating with Marvel fans, who recently took another dig at Zack Snyder for killing off an important character at the beginning of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Zack Snyder's DCEU
Zack Snyder’s DCEU

DC fans debate with Marvel fans as they criticize Zack Snyder for killing Jimmy Olsen

Both DC and Marvel comprise a mammoth fanbase from all around the globe, but some portion of the fandoms haven’t stopped to take a dig at each other. Recently, another debate broke out among the fans of the comic book franchises, with Marvel fans drawing the first blood after criticizing Zack Snyder for wasting the potential of Jimmy Olsen in BvS.

In DC comics, Jimmy Olsen is often considered an integral part of Superman’s story, as he is one of the closest friends of Clark Kent. The character is also the most well-renowned name from Daily Planet, besides Lois Lane and Clark Kent. But in BvS, he gets executed right after he is introduced and many fans have been criticizing Snyder for his controversial take on the character.

And Zack Snyder fans didn’t shy away from responding to the trolling, as they called out MCU fans for Sam Raimi’s recent Doctor Strange Sequel, where Wanda kills off John Krasinski’s Reed Richards, as he got outsmarted by Wanda despite being the smartest man alive.

Apart from the toxic debates between the fandoms, many fans from both Marvel and DC have shared respect and love towards both studios. As they just want the best output from both studios moving forward.

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John Krasinski's Reed Richards
John Krasinski’s Reed Richards

Zack Snyder explained the reason behind killing Jimmy Olsen

Although Zack Snyder’s DCEU has been criticized for many major deviations from their Comic Book counterparts, with one major being Batman’s no-kill rule. Another controversial decision was the death of Jimmy Olsen just after a brief scene of him with Lois Lane.

Jimmy Olsen, who originally plays a Daily Planet reporter in comics, was a CIA agent in BvS, who accompanies Lois lane on her investigation in the Republic of Nairobi and eventually dies on the mission. Zack Snyder later admitted that the death of the character was intentional.

The Man of Steel director explained that he had further plans for Jimmy Olsen in the DCEU and described his story as “a five-movie arc” before the Snyderverse was canceled. He then stated, “If this was a TV show, I would say for sure we’d bring Jimmy back.

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Jimmy Olsen in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
Jimmy Olsen in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Amid the toxic hatred of some fans, many also acknowledged the directors’ creative vision for their movie. With the DCU getting rebooted, fans will hope that Jimmy Olsen plays a major part in Superman’s story moving forward and The Daily Planet has a much bigger presence

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is available to stream on Netflix.

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