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‘At least he TRIED to bring back our Superman’: Dwayne Johnson’s Graceful Answer To Black Adam’s Failure Makes Fans Fall in Love With Him Again

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Black Adam was not well received by audiences and critics alike, despite Dwayne Johnson’s consistent efforts to promote the film everywhere Black Adam could not create an impact. The film was supposed to mark the entry of The Rock as Black Adam in the DC Universe but after the leadership changed Gunn and Safran decided against it. 

Actor Dwayne Johnson promoting Black Adam.

Black Adam was also promoted among Henry Cavill fans as the film had a Superman cameo by the star. The film would mark Henry Cavill’s return as Superman. None of it panned out as planned once Safran and Gunn began to discard DC properties to align with their ten-year vision for the franchise. 

Dwayne Johnson’s response to Black Adam‘s failure won hearts

Dwayne Johnson gets interviewed by Variety at 2023 Oscars ceremony
Dwayne Johnson gets interviewed by Variety at the 2023 Oscars ceremony

The Rock graced the Oscars with his presence in a metallic suit looking dapper, he was asked some serious questions on the red carpet. A clip of the interview is doing rounds on the internet as Fans rally behind the Black Adam star and his graceful reply. 

Johnson was asked about Henry Cavill being in Black Adam but not making it to the franchise as Superman. The wrestler-turned-actors genuine and dignified response won the hearts of all fans as they began to rally behind The Rock, 

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The Rock has had his fair share of success and failures, and seeing him own up to Black Adams‘ lukewarm response made him more human to the audience. The actor is known for this particular charm and ability to connect to his audience almost instantly. All interviews and reviews of Black Adam have criticized the film despite that Johnson did not lose hope, and it was his efforts that got Cavill back as Superman for one last time. 

Dwayne Johnson sat on Emily Blunt’s lap backstage

95th annual academy awards arrivals 1
Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson at the Oscars

While the actor had some moments of grace at the Oscars he also embarrassed himself backstage. The Jungle Cruise stars shared quite the moment backstage when the buffed-up, hunky Rock made himself comfortable on Emily Blunt’s lap. The actress only had good things to say about the actor, in a 2021 interview with Parade Emily Blunt opened up about her thoughts on The Rock, 

“I went, ‘Oh, my God!,’ because I imagined him to be this sort of larger-than-life person with a personality to match,” she told the publication. “But he just said, ‘Hey, how are you?’ and was so quiet and shy.”

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She talked revealed her surprise at discovering how soft and funny Dwayne Johnson was, she spoke on Entertainment Tonight, 

“I think it is rare that you take someone away from a movie that becomes a genuine, sort of like, a friend for life. And he has. He is my most enormous buddy and will always be my most enormous buddy.”

This is another testament to Johnson’s character and charm, he might look bulky and hunky but inside is a man who has seen failure, poverty, struggle, and success. The man has been through a lot and has given everything he could to make it here. Despite not making it to the DCU he will continue to star in giant blockbusters in the foreseeable future. 

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Black Adam is streaming on Hulu

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