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Atomic Blonde 2 In Development At Netflix

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Yes! You heard that right. Netflix is looking into creating a sequel for Atomic Blonde.

This comes after the first movie Atomic Blonde being a big hit in the theatres. Atomic Blonde bagged a 100 million dollars, and they did this on a 30 million budget. So no wonder we are getting a sequel.

Why the buzz?

The lead Charlize Theron played an exceptional role as an MI6 agent at the end of the Cold War. Theron goes undercover to investigate a murder and to recover several double agents.

What can we expect from the new movie?

The poster for Atomic Blonde

The previous production company 87Eleven will continue to work on this film as well. The infamous production company is known for its action sequences. You might have seen their extraordinary work in Birds of Prey or John Wick.

But worry not, Charlize Theron is expected to appear in the sequel with the same charisma as the previous movie. She is also going to be producing the film as well.

Why a Streaming Service?

Netflix Streaming Service

One cannot refute the growing attraction towards streaming services but it is also leaving TV channels and Cinema obsolete. But Netflix has become the perfect market for mid-budget movies. Just because of this global pandemic, many of people related to the buzz-world are turning towards streaming services to release their films. This is also due to the theatres being shut. Convenient for us, am I right?

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