Atrociously Bad Movies Fans Now Call ‘Weekend Thrillers’

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Hollywood is home to a wide range of films. Some of them are loved by everyone while a few others are atrociously bad movies.But that does not mean they don’t have fans. Even these ‘bad’ movies have an audience. And they make for some good weekend entertainment.


Does not matter if they are corny, cheesy, or just downright stupid. From a shark infested tornado to searching for giant snakes in a rainforest, these bad movies make for a good popcorn flick on a saturday evening.

Anaconda (1997)

Anaconda - Jennifer Lopez
Anaconda – Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is not actually that bad in the acting world. She just gets a bad name because of her choice in films. Apart from a few good movie projects to her name, Lopez has stumbled across failure after failure. Her singing career is how she stays relevant now. But back in the day, Lopez made headlines for starring in a multi-Razzie award nominated monster thriller movie – Anaconda.


Anaconda was definitely not the best entry of the franchise. But it did have its moments. The movie banked heavily on the shock factor and delivered some true jump scares. The CGI and the script could have used some definite fine tuning but the movie still remains one of THE movies to go for on a lazy saturday afternoon.

XXX: State Of The Union

xXx: State of the Union
XXX: State of the Union

This is perhaps the worst entry of all time in the XXX franchise. Ice Cube was not built to play the role of a covert super spy. State of the Union is cheesy as heck and to be honest, it deserved all the hatred it got back then.

Now that we look back, we realize XXX: State of the Union could have also deserved a bit more praise. Making a POC actor a lead in a time when very little of the sort was even entertained in Hollywood takes guts. Moreover it features the legendary Samuel L Jackson.



Equilibrium - Christian Bale
Equilibrium – Christian Bale

The movie Equilibrium sees Christian Bale play the role of an enforcement officer in a futuristic dystopia. In the future, all forms of emotion and artistic expressions are illegal. Human society has been reduced to a group of robots devoid of feelings. Bale’s character is proficient in Gun Kata, a form of martial arts that involves handguns. Go figure.

The story made no sense back then and the action choreography was the cheesiest of all time. The movie now feels like a great popcorn flick. If you avoid the simplistic “humans are no longer humans if they don’t feel” premise, Equilibrium is actually a solid weekend entertainer.

Big Trouble In Little China

Big Trouble in Little China
Big Trouble in Little China

Never could we have predicted that John Carpenter could give us such a film. The movie mixes action genre elements with asian mystic stereotypes in Hollywood. Carpenter may have wanted to make an action-fantasy but the movie was seen more like a spoof or parody of movies that tried to pass asian mysticism back then as magic.


Sure the movie has some glaring holes in the form of cultural insensitivity. But once you start regarding the film as a parody, it becomes a much more enjoyable flick.


Sharknado Movie
Sharknado Movie

Yup! No way in hell we were going to make a list on atrociously bad movies without having Sharknado in the list. The story is literally right there in the title. It’s a tornado with sharks in it. The story is about a cyclone that forms off the coast of Mexico and carries sharks from infested waters onto mainland Los Angeles. Technically it is a typhoon, not a tornado. But what the heck. Sharknado rules!!!

Despite the downgraded nature of the film, it managed to bag stars like Tara Reid and Ian Ziering. Both of them give good performances and the concept is so bizarrely enchanting we keep watching the film over and over again.



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